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Crembo in NYC

Where can I purchase Crembo, the fluffy Israeli marshmallow/chocolate cookie candy, in New York City? Also does anyone know whether their production is seasonal, for example its sister (American) marshmallow cookie is only produced 9 months per year?

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  1. During the winter months Holy Land Market on St. Marks (Manhattan) carries it or it's cousin Manbo, as does Mountain Fruit on Avenue M (Brooklyn) and Tomer Gourmet/Jerusalem in Cedarhurst, Long Island.

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      Thanks whitewater, I did go to Holy Land before the holiday and had some individual Crembos. They had the mocha and chocolate but no vanilla. Anyway, these examples were not quite as good as the ones I used to get years ago at the now-expired Village Shwarma which used to be next to the IFC. Perhaps not the best place for them--not refrigerated and a dry to stale texture-wize. Still, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the scruffy shop right down to the apathetic help.

    2. I just saw them here in Queens at Wasserman's on Main Street. I presume the other local markets here must have them as well.

      1. Kosher Marketplace on Broadway (@ 91st) has them. The season goes through about the end of March.

        1. I saw them at the Tomato King (across from Shoprite). And yes, they are seasonal; they're only produced in winter.

          1. Does anyone know if Crembo is parve?

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            1. Moisha's in Brooklyn had them on sale. IIRC- 4 pack for $2.99

              1. They have vanilla and chocolate and they deliver. Its a pack of 8 for 5.49.


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                  I LOVE Amalya and generally make that a regular part of my NY itinerary. I had no idea they had a website. They even have licorice Mentos. Those are worth the trip alone.

                  And I just noticed, their links page links to this board among other interesting sites.

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                    I've seen licorice Mentos in Shalom pharmacy, also on Main Street in KGH, but they are the ones only with the rabbanut hechsher. I've only seen the gelatin-free ones with the Chatam Sofer hechsher in Israel; do you know which ones are available at Amalya's?

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                      they usually have the mint and the mized fruit flavor, at times theyve had apple or sour apple, and strawberry

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                        What I was asking was which hechsher were on the licorice ones, the rabbanut (which contains gelatin) or the Chatam Sofer (no gelatin).

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                          I have at least 4 boxes at home. I'll try to remember to check tonight.

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                            I found a box in the car. It's Chatam Sofer.

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                            they sell a bunch of the flavors at supersol in queens, which is under the queens vaad, would that imply lack of gelatin?

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                              I certainly wouldn't swear to it, but think so, because the American vaads would not knowingly allow gelatin to be sold under their hashgacha. The gelatin accepted by the rabbanut in Israel is not generally allowed here by most vaads.

                              And thanks, rockycat, for checking; that's good to know; I brought 3 or 4 3-packs back from aretz a few months ago, but it won't last forever!