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Mar 9, 2009 12:30 PM

Everett Jones BBQ in JLS Oakland

Ate here for the first time near Jack London Square

Beef Brisket was dry. I was disappointed. Even the brisket at Hometown Buffet at Southland Hayward was much better and moist. This is inexcusable.

Chicken was much better with crispy skin and moist meat. Smokiness was on the light side.

Service can be improved here. Our waitress was slow. Getting extra plates took forever. The bill was wrong and took forever to correct. She even forgot things.

I heard so much praise for this restaurant - did I go to the wrong branch ?

I need moist flavorful beef brisket recs - thanks !

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  1. Although I haven't been in probably about two years, I liked their Berkeley location. On both of my two visits to their JLS location, I had slow, rude service and cold sides and never went back. I usually order a two-way with chicken and hotlinks, sauce on the side, otherwise your food will be swimming in it.

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    1. re: adrienne156

      I did order the sauces on the side. The sauces are decent, I can vouch for that. I had the hot and the mild.

      But the smoked meats (chicken and brisket) way they can be called great.

      1. re: Han

        No, I wouldn't say they are great, but I have yet to find "great" barbecue anywhere in the bay area. E&J is more of a fix for me than anything. Have you tried Memphis Minnie's brisket? I recall Civil Bear and Robert Lauriston (amongst others) rave about MM's brisket.

        1. re: adrienne156

          Memphis Minnie's has great brisket, though I'm more of a spare ribs guy.

          Uncle Willie's brisket is worth a try:

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I've always really liked MM's spare ribs also, although it's been a while since I had them.

            1. re: Mick Ruthven

              Yeah, their spareribs are some of the best I know of these days.

              I head by there with the idea of getting some fairly regularly, but usually can't find parking and give up.

                1. re: Willtryitonce

                  Last time i compared, Memphis Minnie's prices were actually about 5% less than Lilly's and Big Nate's. Judging from the other businesses nearby, retail rents can't be too high.

                  Or are you talking about E&J at Jack London Square? Uncle Willie's is not far away and is better and cheaper. The prices might be lower at the funkier E&J location on San Pablo in Berkeley.

            2. re: adrienne156

              for brisket (ribs too for that matter) in Oakland there's at least three places better than E&J--Uncle Willie's (14th St), Phatt Matt's (Telegraph, just north of the Oasis market), and Taste of Joy (eastern end of Grand Ave).

              1. re: moto

                Thanks for the suggestions! And, I totally agree on the on the first two, haven't been to Taste of Joy... I was just wondering what Willtryitonce liked.

          2. re: adrienne156

            Should I have asked for fatty cut on the brisket ? I wonder if that helps.

            1. re: adrienne156

              JLS says it all.Don't waste your hard earned money there.Berkeley one is your best choice its worth the drive. No looneys in berkeley,they serve undercooked pork ribs,(pink).

              1. re: Willtryitonce

                Not a big fan of Looney's, but smoked spare ribs should be pink.

            2. link

              Everett and Jones Barbeque
              126 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607

              1. How often do they have brisket at HB Southland?

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                1. re: chocolatetartguy

                  I measure all briskets to the HB Southland nowadays. It is moist and the seasonings are perfect with slightly sweet sauce on the outside. The inside is usually tender. On the net I see all kinds of better looking briskets - and that is what I am after.

                  HB Southland has briskets only on "certain days". I was told Saturday dinner which begins late afternoon. I also had it on Sundays lunch hours between 1130-130 pm.

                  BTW, their steaks are quite decent but you have to ask medium rare or they give you overcooked dry steak. This place has many stellar dishes on their buffet menu. Fried chicken, fish and soups to name a few. Not all HB's are the same but this one is the best out of 5 HB's places I tried. Fremont comes second.

                  1. re: Han

                    Thanks for tip about the brisket. Glad not to be the only HTB devotee. I have only been to the Pinole branch and I think that their forte is the fried chicken and the bbq beef ribs. I like the cornbread too.

                    As to brisket, I used to swear by the sandwiches at Saul's in Berkeley. Haven't had it in a while though . When I really need a fix, I go to Brennan's. Sometimes the brisket is quite good.

                    1. re: Han

                      You're talking about brisket in general rather than barbecue, right?

                      It's much easier to cook brisket just right if you braise. Getting it to come out moist from a pit smoker is an art.

                  2. Tried this Everett Jones once and that was enough for me. Had the ribs and sampled my wife's links--everything was tough and dry. "Not great" is putting it kindly, in my estimation.

                    I also remember the service leaving something to be desired. We had made a reservation, but could barely get anyone to even register a response when we told them so.

                    1. I'll give another enthusiastic vote for the brisket at Memphis Minnies. Fantastic, tender, heavily smoked slices of meat that needs no sauce whatsoever.
                      Bo's in Lafayette is also very good. I've only been once but I want to go back, nice smoky brisket with a salt rub sort've thing going on, definitely right up there with Minnie's.
                      If you're ever stuck at the much lauded E & J again try the home-made links, it's the only think I like there besides the sauce.

                      Memphis Minnie's BBQ
                      576 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

                      Bo's Barbecue
                      3422 Mount Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA

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                      1. re: virtualguthrie

                        I''ll second this post. Bo's has the best brisket in the east bay, but nothing compares to MM's IMO.

                        I also found pretty good brisket at Pit Boss in Richmond and at Roadside in SF.

                        Still looking for impressive spareribs in the Bay Area though...

                        Roadside BBQ
                        3751 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

                        Pit Boss Barbeque
                        12889 San Pablo Ave, Richmond, CA

                        1. re: Civil Bear

                          >Still looking for impressive spareribs in the Bay Area though<

                          You don't like MM's spareribs?

                          1. re: Mick Ruthven

                            I have tried them twice, and both times they were dry and not very meaty.

                            The dilemma now is that MM's brisket is so consistently good I don't dare skip it to take a third chance on the ribs.