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Mar 9, 2009 12:29 PM

Pho to go in Little Saigon?

My parents are sick, so I thought I would surprise them (by doing something unselfish for a change) and bring them some hot soup. So Pho came to mind. What's the best place to pick it up to go? Can I get the raw beef on the side to go? I would like to call in the order ahead of time, so I can just swing by and pick it up quickly.

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  1. Pho Bolsa. Brookhurst and Westminster. Near Rite Aid.
    they will do what you request

    1. Any place should do it for you. Make sure you get the noodles, meat, broth and table salad separate -- if you put the noodles in the hot broth, they'll turn mushy and dissolve; if you put the meat in (assuming pho tai), it'll be cooked to a cinder.

      Pho Thanh Lich will do it for sure.

      1. I like Pho Kimmy. Any place you get it, ask for the noodles raw or "banh som". If you have them cook the noodles, it will be a congealed mess. This way you can cook them at home fresh, about 1-2 min in some boiling water....

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          Or if they cook the noodles, you can loosen them up with some warm water, good as new! And a pho place will always pack the broth separate.

        2. ANY pho (or any other type of noodle) place will have NO problem with to go orders. I'd guess that I've gotten to-go 100+ times and the noodles are always soft but dense and not heavily cooked with the meat on top... (raw or cooked depending on what it is) veggies usually separate. Broth DEFINITELY seperate.

          I am not Vietnamese but a lot of my relatives are. I just asked the local expert in the house and was told (lectured) that it could NEVER EVER be done any other way. That is, something like putting the noodles in the broth for to-go would never be done unless they were specifically pushed to do it by the customer. Again this is also my experience... as a non-viet I have never gotten it any other way.

          It's hard to find really bad pho in the area. Pho Thanh Lich seems to have an extra rich beefy broth compared to the others. For just 'noodles' (as opposed to pho), I have a *huge* soft spot for Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan on Bolsa... with lots of extra garlic.

          1. Thanks for all the recs. Went to Pho Thanh Lich, and it did the trick for the sick parents. The most amusing part was when my mom (who is not the most adventurous eater) picked up a piece of tripe from her Pho Tai Dac Biet and asked me if it was a mushroom or a noodle or what. I asked her if she really wanted to know what it was, so I told her and she proceeded to pass all the tripe over to me. I did make one mistake and that was getting the noodles pre-cooked. The woman at PTL told me I should get them uncooked and then just toss them in a pot of boiling water for a couple minutes. But i stupidly disregarded her advice cause I figured it was only a 15 minute drive.