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Mar 9, 2009 12:27 PM

Indian Restaurant in KC?

What's the best? Places to steer far away from?

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  1. Most of our ethnic restaurants suck in this city but, Korma Sutra in Westport at least makes an attempt @a wine list and decor. The service is marginal. The food is as good as it gets.

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    1. re: inbiz

      You are cranky, and I think the blanket statement that most of the ethnic restaurants suck is a over-blankety. I've found the service at the Westport location to be quick and friendly, maybe too friendly.

      1. re: heatherkay

        We eat almost exclusively at ethnic restaurants because they are routinely better than other offerings and far less expensive. We had a wonderful lunch at Vietnam Cafe yesterday for $16. Couldn't touch that at Room 39, Pot Pie, Blanc, etc...

        1. re: zataar

          Once again, I think we differ on what we want from a dining experience. I love all food and just wish the ethnic restaurants would take it up a notch here. That includes being a little more authentic and not dummying it down for mid-westerners. Then again, it is authentic when certain cultures eschew liquor.

          1. re: zataar

            i love vietnam cafe but i havent been there in almost a year. The prices are great and food is simple and satisfying. What did you order?

          2. re: heatherkay

            Heatherkay- Indeed, I was even born and bred here and the offerings in this city do make me cranky. We are judging service by different criteria, but at least we came to the same conclusion for Indian in KC- Korma Sutra. Your dog is cute...

        2. Paradise India on 135th is worth the drive.

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            As is Ruchi at College and Antioch in OP

          2. we really like Taj Mahal. so much that we've never tried any others. it's convenient for us, too. Wornall and 75th. dang, now i want some chicken tikka masala and garlic naan.

            1. Rushi at College & Antioch in Overland Park, and Swagat Indian Restaurant in Zona Rosa (up toward the airport) both have very good food. But I think the edge right now goes to India Palace at 9918 W 87th Street in Overland Park. All three offer as good of Indian food as I had in New York or London.

              Masalas Indian Restaurant at 91st and Metcalf in Overland Park is the most stylish in the area and has great service, but to my taste, the food is not quite as good. The chef is vegan and makes changes to the preparation that appeal to some.

              There really are some great Indian restaurants in the KC metro today. I still remember how excited I was when the first mediocre Indian Restaurant opened 23 years ago.