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Mar 9, 2009 12:25 PM

prickly pear margarita

I have had these before and very tasty - but never tried it at home
i found this recipe
followed the directions - but...
when i cut open the pear... it was all seeds - i didnt really see any "meat"
i basically squeezed it through cheesecloth - but in essence it was just juice i was getting out of it
did i do something wrong? or are there various types of prickly pears?


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  1. Don't use cheesecloth.The directions call for a mesh strainer, that's the ticket.The directions on this recipe are good, and if followed you should fine.Enjoy.

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    1. re: streetgourmetla

      i did the mesh strainer as well.... (the 1st batch) my question is more for people who know about the pear - is the inside supposed to be all seeds? i didnt see much "meat"

      1. re: phunkykim

        There are a hell of a lot of seeds.Is yours the green or red?I eat these at mercados in Mexico and have made the margaritas.I'm familiar with "tunas".

    2. Cactus pears are *loaded* with seeds. Just do a search for "prickly pears" or "tuna" and you're bound to find results that support this. I prefer the goldish green variety of cactus pears for their sweeter flavor and brighter *happier* color. The red are just less appealing to me overall, and much more messy.

      There's some suggestions for you in the links I've included here. Try adding the meats in a blender and adding a tiny bit of water ... Strain that after a quick whirl. Slightly diluted, yes, but it just might work.

      Link #1 -->

      Link #2 -->

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        In the past, I've used the blender method. It's far easier than trying to push whole fruit through a strainer. I used just water at the time but you could add some simple syrup or even tequila to the blender.

      2. I do not have a direct answer to your question, but I've always made them from syrup, like this stuff:
        which is very easy to use.

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        1. re: maple99

          thank you all for your responses - i'll keep on trying :)