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Lunch options in K-Town

I have recently started working near Vermont/4th and am looking for some lunch suggestions on restaurants within a mile or two. I have found some pretty good noodle shops(Legend) but am looking for not only Asian but some places with salads and other healthy alternatives. Other places I am aware of are Cassell's for burgers and Fat Fish. Any help would be appreciated in any cuisine as it seems like a sea of fast food.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. A Won has some good fish over rice or fish over salad bowls.. Very healthy in my mind at arounf $13 each.. not sure of your budget..

    A-Won Japanese Restaurant
    913 1/2 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006

    1. At Hoover and Olympic (just west of Vermont I think?) is Beverly Soon Tofu, which is delicious. It's definitely Asian, but yummy. I little bit north of you, just east of Vermont on Fountain is Square One dining, which has great breakfast served all day, and good sandwiches and salads.

      1. Thanks for the responses. Both sounds great. Anyone have any more?

        1. The food court at Koreatown Plaza is great, as is the Ja Jiang Mein at Mandarin House.

          1. there is also taylor's steakhouse and pollo a la brasa.

            1. This is my work neighborhood, so I know it well. The following are all walking distance from Fourth and Vermont:

              You're right next to Makkah Hallal, a Bengali Indian restaurant around 4th and Vermont (west side of street) with a good lunch buffet. On 6th Street, just a bit to the west of Vermont, you've got Cassell's for great burgers, Ham Ji Park pork BBQ and Bon Chon for Korean fried chicken. Up at Third and New Hampshire (SW side of street) is La Morenita, one of the best Oaxacan places in LA. Across Third from that is La Paloma which has decent Salvadoran food.

              If you're willing to drive, you have all of Koreatown, Little Oaxaca and Langer's in easy driving distance.

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                Thank you. These are great choices. Looking forward to trying them all. Any thoughts for salads, etc. (other than Sizzler);)

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                  Correction, the name of the Salvadoran place is El Palmar.

                2. Wa-ko tonkatsu, 6th and Alexandria. Best katsu around. Toe-bang in Chapman Plaza. Cute place that's more known for late night, but the lunch combos are great. In KTP, don't miss Chew Young Roo, the dumpling place. Unfortunately, I really only know the Asian food in the area...

                  1. I think it is about a mile -- to the south: Dino's, the burger stand on the N/W corner of Pico and Berendo, two short blocks west of Vermont. Very good burgers, a fine carne asada plate, a huge pastrami sandwich, but almost everyone will be ordering the same thing -- the crazy chicken special. Half a small bird, marinated in a vinegary/garlicky/turmeric "sauce" and flame-grilled, served over a bed of thin fries with cole slaw and tortillas for all of $5.50. I get mine with extra sauce, which does sog up the fries, but then you pull strips of chicken and some of those fries and tear off a bit of tortilla for a little sandwich...

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                      Dino's sounds great. Thanks for the tip.

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                        Just stick with the chicken...

                        I ordered the carne asada plate for the first time today (after many years of just getting the chicken plate). Lemme tell ya, the chicken is the way to go. The carne asada was just meh, no real flavor, only saltiness. And the rice and beans that came with it were also salty. I have a real high salt tolerance, but this was way too much.

                        I shoulda just had the chicken....just means I'll have to return soon...oh, the chicken...

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                          And if you're going down there, you could also hit Papa Cristo's on Pico at Normandie.

                        2. theres a new salad bar on Wilshire near the 24 hour fitness called salad farm. I believe their website is saladfarm.com
                          Theres also always small delis in the bottom of buildings but usually just subpar. If you have a good amount of lunch time youre not too far from downtown. Parking just sucks.

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                            Sounds pretty good. Have you tried Salad Farm?

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                              I tried Salad Farm. It was very reasonably priced and fresh. I would recommend for basic salads.

                          2. The food court in the Korean Plaza has a japanese food booth that serves a type of sashimi salad over rice. There's a lot of vegetables and sashimi is pretty healthy.

                            1. I would skip Fat Fish, The last two times I ate there it was horrific. Do Noshi Sushi instead. You could also hit Cafe Metro on Wilshire for a sandwish, or Mariela's Tacos on 3rd near Vermont for amazing soup (I don't love their tacos, but their soup is divine). For low brow fare in a fun dive bar atmosphere, try HMS Bounty for fish and chips.