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Shamrock Shake

Please do not ask me why I need to find a shamrock shake. I don't want to hear about the horrible green colour or the fake mint taste. Please just help me find some. I went to a McDonald's in Richmond Hill over the weekend and asked the young man behind the counter if they had shamrock shakes. He gave me a puzzled look, then I said "you know the green minty shake". Then he looked at me bug eyed and said " you want a green milkshake?!!!?" At another Mickey D's they were properly nostolgic but ultimately unable to fill my order.

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  1. Those are a thing of the past and they only promote that on St. Patricks Day in the States.

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      Yes - Mr. Rabbit and I split one on the road in Massachusetts probably two years ago. It was as disgustingly delectable as ever. I get why you're craving, sweetie. RIP shamrock shakes in Canada!

    2. They actually brought those back last year for a few weeks at many McDonald's locations throughout the GTA. No idea if they’re back again this year….

      1. If you are truly desperate you could try this recipe http://www.recipezaar.com/Copycat-Mcd... which in all likelihood could come out better than Rotten Ronny's depending on the quality of ingredients.

        1. I can't vouch for this year but last year I did the same thing and got the same glossy puzzled look from the employee behind the counter at the Eaton Centre second floor McDs. It wasn't listed on the menu but he asked a manager and the manager pointed to a shake machine and he promptly pulled the handle and got me a Shamrock Shake! I doubt they sold well last year since they seemed to be a top secret item but will try to find one again this year and report back!

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            Thank you! I hope you find one, so you can tell me and I can go have one...lol
            Good luck.

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              I'm heading to Quebec for 5 days starting tomorrow morning so be patient with me but promise I'll try my best to find one before St. Pat's day!

          2. I wonder if they'll come out with the Cadbury Cream Easter Egg Mc. Flurry?

            1. HI there, I as well am looking for Shamrock shakes in Toronto! I did the exact same thing I asked the girl behind the counter (you know the young one, I have gum in my tummy older than her) she just looked at me like I had a third green eye or something. Bring back the shamrock shakes....

              1. Have a contact at the Toronto office - unfortunately no Shamrock Shakes this year.


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                  I wonder why they were widespread last year but nuthin' this year.....

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                    a shramrock shake...oh the good old days when mickey d's had it all....how about a mc rib sandwhich to match that shake....

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                      Forget the Shamrock Shakes!! Bring back the Arctic Orange, that shake was awesome!!

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                      I talked to them, too -- said they were taking a different "marketing direction" this year.

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                        Hmm. Too bad. I love a nice Shamrock Shake. Thanks piccola....

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                          Are they doing anything special in terms of shakes?

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                            The rep wasn't very forthcoming. All she said was that they'd be announcing something new soon. No details. And no Shamrock Shakes.

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                        Thanks Apprentice. I can stop dropping in at every Micky D's I see. : -(

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                          What a shame :( Last year was supposedly when they "brought them back". A friend happened to see it on their website and mentioned it to me. With my previously mentioned experience they weren't listed on the menu, there was no posters or cards over the register or any indication that they were being sold. Employees didn't seem to know of them aside from the manager. So they brought them back last year and they didn't sell...duh.

                          "New Marketing Direction" is customer service talk for "um we don't have them this year". "Hi I'm calling to ask why the normal two ply toilet tissue in the washrooms now seems to have been replaced by single ply sandpaper! McDs CSR - "We've chosen a new marketing direction in the washrooms." If McDs is currently targeting pot heads with singing filet- o-fish ad, green milkshakes with cult following would be right in line with that.

                        1. If you're willing to drive to Highland Creek (far east end of Scarborough), you might find Shamrock shakes at Shamrock Burgers. Last time I was there I believe I saw it on the menu as a permanent item. I'd phone first to make sure, as their online menu only says "assorted flavours." http://www.shamrockburgers.com/

                          This would be the time of year they'd likely have them. Mind you, it might be a real milkshake with ice cream and mint flavouring with green food colouring, rather than that premixed stuff McD's calls a shake -- not a *milk*shake.