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Mar 9, 2009 11:31 AM

Calgary - Great chinese dinner with Peking Duck in Chinatown

I am looking to take a bunch (10-12) people out to a really good Chinese restaurant and we want Peking Duck. I would like some suggestions for places in and around Chinatown (or over the bridge into the NW). I have read about Peking Garden and others, but they are too out of the way, plus I have read some reviews that say they are not so great.

Anybody able to suggest a good place with good peking duck (amongst other dishes).


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  1. I like Tai Pan's peking duck. I had them at their old location in Chinatown, and it was crispy and filling, and the whole dish was craved right in front of you. I also had them at Peking Garden before, and I prefer Tai Pan's version.

    Tai Pan's new location is inside a strip mall on 16 Ave NW and Centre Street, the old Tropika spot.

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      I second Tai Pan.

      Definitely make a reservation though. Parking never used to be a problem when Tropika was there, but it is very full on Friday/Sat evenings. Park underground after 5 PM if the surface lot is full.

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        Parking is a problem during lunch too!

        I was at Tai Pan last week hoping to secure a spot for dim-sum lunch. I was there at 12pm, and no empty spots for me either above or underground. We headed to Happy Hill instead. Parking was a challenge there too but at least we could park at a side street.

    2. I have never heard of Tai Pan, but always love to try new places. My only concern is that when I just did a google search for Tai Pan, several pages came up about health violations at their old location. For this dinner I am bringing my parents and friends and 2 infants, so I do not want anybody to be turned off if the place is dirty.

      Any comments about this?

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        The new place is MUCH cleaner and inviting. I ate at the old location lots and to be honest never had any issue with the food but the atmosphere did leave something to be desired. If you ever saw some of the places in Asia, you would never think twice about the minor health violations here.

      2. silver dragon
        silver dragon
        silver dragon!!!!

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          silver dragon has health violations galore as well.

        2. Not much choice, so Tai Pan is probably the one as many have suggested