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Mar 9, 2009 11:14 AM

Driving from Palm Springs to Santa Clara

I have to drive a load of furniture alone from Tucson to Santa Clara CA, and my friends tell me I should stop overnight around Palm Springs. If you can suggest any good eats between Palm Springs, and the SF Bay Area, I'd be grateful. My route will probably be 10 to 210 to 5, since this is not a pleasure trip but a chore. TIA!

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  1. Palm Springs area GREAT eateries are The Elephant Bar (be hungry, lots of food) and Don Diego's on 111 in Palm Desert. If in the area on Sunday, go to Las Consuelas Nuevas on 111 for Brunch in Rancho Mirage. Not just Mexican food. Best brunch in the world!

    1. The suggestions above are convenient only if you are staying in Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage.

      In Palm Springs for breakfast Rick's is good and cheap (Norma's is good and expensive).

      There is very little to choose from once you get past LA which is only an hour and a half from Palm Springs. About the only decent place is Harris Ranch in Coalinga.

      1. There's nothing in Palm Springs that would justify having to face the inbound rush hour the next morning. Instead -- depending on your timing, of course -- I'd go at least as far as just past the 210-134 split in Pasadena. You should find the outbound morning rush on the 210 north fairly easy, and you'll then have a much-shorter and -quicker second-day drive. This way you can have dinner at any number of fine places in Pasadena -- search the LA board for suggestions.

        If it were me, and I've driven the Palm Springs/Silicon Valley route many times, I'd go all the way to Valencia and have a good steak or barbecue dinner at the very comfortable Wood Ranch. You should find lots of parking for a furniture truck at that mall location, and you'd have a very easy ride out of Southern California the next day.

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          Wow - I'd forgotten about the traffic patterns down south! Thanks so much for reminding me; it's been 10 years since I've lived in LA. Great advice and tips - thanks, everyone!