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Mar 9, 2009 11:12 AM

Richmond food gift delivery?

So i'm looking to send a thank you basket to an office - unknown number of people but not huge. A few people in there helped us out last week. I know the cookie design place and edible arrangements. Who does interesting baked goods that are less commercial and delivers? Thanks!

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  1. -I have always wanted to try this one.

    Sweetest Thing Bakery does cookies, cakes, etc. She is a one man show and delivers.

    For the Love of Chocolate in Carytown might do something for you, too. They make amazing cookies.

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    1. re: AlliRoll

      the first one looks really interesting thanks! and i'll check out the others too.

      1. re: AMFM

        Veron does a great job...I think Petites Bouchees would fit the bill nicely.

          1. re: AMFM

            I have to second that. I LOVE her macarons.

    2. I remember reading about a place (I think in Richmond Magazine) when we first moved here, almost two years ago, in Midlothian. It looked like a real French patisserie. I think it was run by two guys, but I might be making that up. I just looked for it again recently (googling), but haven't come up with anything.

      Does anyone know what the heck I am talking about?

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      1. re: VaPaula

        you know i remember the same thing. not the two guys part but the patisserie. unfortunately i remember nothing that would actually help! :)

        1. re: VaPaula

          Le Desserterrie (spelling is probably wrong). Good cakes.

          1. re: Janet from Richmond

            thanks! always on the lookout here. i have found bakeries to be sorely lacking.

            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              That's it, thanks Janet!

              Here's their website. OK, I was right about at least one guy, and I'm sure I somehow retained the fact that they were New Yorkers. I'm kind of partial to them. ;-)

              Wow - beautiful creations.