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Mar 9, 2009 11:06 AM

Fresh Lobster meat at $80 pound!

So I decided to make Lobster Rolls for my partners birthday yesterday and ended up purchasing lobster meat out of the shell at Citarella for $80.00 a pound. I thought this was very expensive but not knowing where else to go I ended up buying a 1/2 pound and made some delicious lobster rolls. For the future when I decide to make lobster rolls again, is there another place I could purchase fresh lobster meat for less.

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  1. Wholesale lobster prices are at a near all time low right now ($6-7/lb i think)? I remember seeing lobsters go for around $8/lb around Chinatown, and even around $15 at Whole Foods. $80/lb is a ridiculous markup

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      Agreed...$80 is horrifying, but I completely understand going in to a store and purchasing something not knowing the wholesale price. But hey, atleast the lobster rolls were a hit!

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        Whole Foods isn't doing live lobster (steamed while you wait) anymore, and yes, that was the price, or nearabouts.

        Something about Whole Foods disapproved of the "inhumane" conditions in which poor little lobsters were being transported to meet their doom. Apparently they didn't get to ride in upholstered observation loungs with drinks and now all Whole Foods has is those stupid frozen lobster tails. Idiots.

      2. You're paying for the labor and the convenience. And Citarella is probably one of the priciest fish stores in NYC (but one of the best as well). I think I'd have a heart attack paying $80 a lb for something I can do at home for much less. I'd probably just buy the lobster, cook it and just remove the meat from the shell. I think the last time I checked a couple of weeks ago at The Lobster Pot in Chelsea Market, 1.5+ lb lobsters were going at $11 a lb.

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          1. For a bit cheaper: I just bought fresh lobster meat from The Lobster Place, $60 a pound.

            1. Chinatown fresh fish/lobster stores.
              You'll leave with live lobsters with all your arms and legs intact.

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                Inspired by this thread, I ordered twoi live lobsters from FreshDirect and cooked them Friday. First time I've done that. Delicious! At $11.99 a pound. What are they charging in Chinatown?

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                  $9.99 per lb of the medium sized ones at the seafood place between Bowery and Grand St. Bought some feisty ones last Friday.

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                    I might just go with FreshDirect then. A couple of dollars extra is worth the convenience of delivery.