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Mar 9, 2009 11:05 AM

the pico robertson kosher scene

hey, i've lived in the area for the past couple years and i have done very little exploration which is shameful really.

what are some standout restaurant/purveyors? and what do you get?

i'm thinking of places that sell merguez (i dont like the one's at jeff's that much)
good falafel/shwerma.

any more less common things/specialties?
like the meorav yerushalmi i had in jerusalem this past winter?


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  1. there ain't much. You can get good persian kabobs for like $3 - $4 at two places. I don't even though their names. One is the butcher on pico one block east of robertson on the south side of the street (next to the empty lot). You get a kabob (I recommend the ground beef one) and they give you grilled vegetables too.

    Also, they have kabobs at a place 1/2 block west of Robertson on Pico in the back in the alley (a few stores down from Papa John's). Same kind of deal. These aren't sit-down places, you just go and order and they'll cook it up for you.

    There's not too much else...

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      Post this to the Kosher Board and they will have many answers for you.

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        oh! i didnt know there was a kosher board!

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        the place east of Robertson is called F & Y Sinai deli i believe. the ground kabobs seem to be a better deal than the chicken thigh. i didn't like the two stews i've tried.

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          The place on Pico 1/2 Block West of Robertson is very very good . There is a shack in the parking lot that grills all the kebobs over mesquite hardwood. The fish with the green herbal rice is good along with any other meat. Includes a soda, bread and salad for around $8. Its tae out only. In the past you would order inside from the guy toting on the Hookah and now you just order the shack in back ( there is an alley right behind pico to the north) on a good day you can smell the meats roasting a block away..

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            can you give me more details on this shack? is it a roving truck or a shack and is it always there., grilled over a mesquite grill sounds awesome. thanks.

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              Fixed Location Cinder Block and all.. Follow the directions as stated before., you will find it..

            2. re: Foodandwine

              i will find this place.
              this is exactly what i was looking for! thx!

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                omg is THAT where the smell of grilled meats always comes from? i'm there!!!!

            3. You don't find Jerusalem grill in the USA, as organ meats are unpopular here, for some reason. At least in the kosher market, it possibly derives from the difficulty in koshering all of the meats. Kidneys have a layer of fat which must be removed, hearts must be drained thoroughly and salted inside and out, livers must be pre-broiled.

              1. what is meorav yerushalmi?

                it's hard to get a good merquez there. who knows it might just be on the dinner menu at Delice Bakery, that would probably be your best best.

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                  its a mixed meat pita with all sorts of organ meats including chicken spleen, which i had never had before, which is shocking because chinese eat everything. funny they said they don't cook with gizzard though, which i thought was funny.

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                    you might have been able to find that at Shula and Ester (a few blocks north of Animal on Fairfax) but i believe now S and E has closed and there's another kosher restaurant in its place.


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                      Chinese don't cook with gizzard? I certainly saw 5 spice chicken gizzards in a Chinese cookbook (one of my wife's books, and her family is Cantonese). I actually made it for us some 25 years ago. Neither of us liked it much.

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                        i meant the people at the mixed jerusalem grill restaurant in jerusalem didnt use gizzard. in fact, they thought that would be weird.

                        i was expressing surprise that i hadn't eaten spleen, personally, before this.