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Mar 9, 2009 11:02 AM

German Food

Are there any good German restaurants in the Fort Myers Naples area?

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  1. Old Europe Bistro is a very nice, cozy family-run place that serves traditional Czech and German dishes in North Naples. Among our favorites are lamb shank with rosemary potatoes, crispy pork shank with sauerkraut, the schnitzel (veal or pork), and the authentic fruit dumpling dessert. There's a charming outdoor patio. It seems to be very popular with German and Czech nationals, judging by the conversation at nearby tables. Excellent German and Czech beers are available on tap. Closed Mondays. The place also closes down for a time in the summer when the owner returns to Europe. It's located right next to Sam Snead's in the Naples Walk center at the SE corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Airport Road. Open for dinner only.

    Old Europe Bistro
    2464 Vanderbilt Beach Road
    Naples, FL 34109
    (239) 254-9690