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Mar 9, 2009 10:55 AM

Tacoma dinner/lunch recommendations

I will be in Tacoma 03/11 - 03/13 on business. I've been looking at this board for some recommendations and I think I have found some options but I wanted to get your opinion.

I'm staying at the Red Lion in Tacoma. I will have a car and I don't mind driving 20-30 miles to get a decent meal.

I need to stay under $30 for dinner and under $15 for lunch. Also, for one dinner I would like a vegan friendly option so I can take my sister in law for dinner.

I love Tuna so any place that has a killer Tuna dish would be appreciated.

Here's the list of places I have so far;

1) Indochine
2) Vuelve A La Vida
3) The matador
4) Pacific grill

Thank you in advance!

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  1. You should try Wendy's Vietnamese Food in Tacoma. It has two locations, Downtown Tacoma, near the Tacoma Dome and Wendy's II by the Tacoma Mall. They cook some of the dishes Vegan. You must tell them this when you order. They will make it per your order.
    Try Johnny's for dinner, a little more than $15 dollars, but the view is worth it. So is Shenanigan's on the waterfront. I would prefer Johnny's over Shenanigan's but that is just me.

    1. RJ, You have a good starter list. The tuna dish at Indochine is exceptional; Vuelve A La Vida is not to be missed. I would substitute Merende for the Pacific Grill. I also suggest the Southern Kitchen for lunch and Sapporo in Fife for lunch or dinner. (Exceptional sushi and don't miss their soft shell crab appetizer.) Asado in Sixth Avenue offers great steaks for dinner. (Happy hour at El Goucho is also offers some bargains these days.) Avoid the water front restaurants.

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        Asado's happy hour is not to be missed. I also love Masa's, across the street.

        We lived in Tacoma for years and get back occasionally. Last Saturday we dropped by Cloverleaf Pizza on 6th Ave. It will always be one of my favorite pizzas. There's nothing like it in Seattle.

        We also like the East & West Cafe, but Wendy's is a bit better, I think.

      2. There'a a pretty darn good tacqueria right across the street from the Red Lion. I forget the name offhand, but we absolutely dug it when we stayed at the Red Lion last September.