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Mar 9, 2009 10:35 AM

Anyone remember Mariscos Chente pre-LAT review?

I am so happy for Sergio and family...they have a hit, make that a homer.

Unfortunately two different parties -- whom I have brought there several times over the last few weeks -- went this weekend and have reported to me BIG, BAD problems. Lines, long waits for food and -- horror -- running out of snook.

Hopefully this will be short-lived.

Thanks, Thi ;(

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  1. i reviewed it a while back:

    post gold reviews there is always a spike in visitors that tapers off exponentially.

    1. I guess thats the price you pay for star status.. It was a sleepy fishing village and now its a major port.. I assume since the procurement department is not that of a chain with their point of sale inventory systems, the owners will make a bigger buy this week, however that depends if the fish are biting :) On a serious side, I think this is good for all.. even with the star status.. In todays economy it great to see the little guy make it! This should ensure chente will be there to cater to our mariscos whims for the fore"sea"ble future..

      1. Well, the positive thing about running out of snook is that Sergio will not buy local fish to just be able to serve the pescado zarandeado.They were not ready for the huge crowds that came post Thi, and even had to be told that they were in the Times.

        Magdalena, the owner had to send a family member down to Mazatlan last week to get more seafood.They were going every other week and have had to adjust to the demand.The good news, even fresher fish from the turnover.They will not compromise on quality.We were there before the rush on Saturday, around 4-6PM and had a divine pescado zarandeado.In the meantime, there are no misses on this menu, so try another dish and bear with the current influx.As was mentioned,it will settle in to a more reasonable crowd enventually.Even the most mundane sounding plate on their menu will surprise you.

        CiaoBob, have you had the pescado zarandeado yet?I was very happy to see the lines, as you are, and was definitely glad to have arrived early.But, they will figure it out.

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          Oh yes, SGLA, I have had it 4 times in varying kilo sizes 1,2,3 and is sublime.

          And I agree that even if they are out of pz, there are plenty of other fine choice: I adore the Camarones Borrechos , and Chicharone. I will go earlier, I will survive as will MC!

        2. I went last Friday for lunch and while there was no line, the place filled up quick. I was lucky to arrive when I did because when I left, almost every table was full. It was still too early and they weren't ready with the diablo sauce for the shrimp, so I ordered the garlic one. Delicious.

          Another bit of good news: They now take credit cards.

          1. My wife and I went for lunch on Saturday (approx 1 pm). While it was encouraging to see the they are doing well, the wait was a nightmare. Ultimately, after waiting for our food for over an hour we had to cancel our order in order to return home to prepare for guests that evening. We like the food and will be back but clearly they need to staff up in order to handle the crowd.