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Mar 9, 2009 10:28 AM

Anyone been to Porterhouse for restaurant week (dinner)?

Going tonight, wanted to get an idea of what the restaurant week menu was like.

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  1. I had dinner there last Monday when I was in New York. I did not have the restaurant week menu but it looked pretty nice. I remember that there was a ceasar salad as an appetizer. For entrees, you had the choice of a hanger steak, chicken and salmon. I got treated to the dessert by the waitress which was the flourless chocolate cake or torte with chantilly cream on top. I would take the restaurant week menu just for this dessert. It was incredible!

    I liked my dinner there even though it was on the expensive side. I had the New York steak and it was cooked rare to perfection! I do not think though that it is worth 45$. The restaurant is very nice. The service is excellent also. The staff is very nice. I had the best martini at the bar.

    Come back and tell us about your dinner!

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      While I definitely don't think Porterhouse is inexpensive, where would you go for a comparable quality dinner with that same level of service for a lesser price? Honestly, I'd love to now where the discount steakhouses are in NYC. I have yet to find any, but I sure would love any information that you may have.

    2. Unless they've made some significant changes, PorterHouse during restaurant week is completely different from Porter House any other time of the year. I was truely disappointed the two times I went during restaurant week, but couldn't have been happier during my visits outside of restaurant week.

      Everything from the atmosphere to the quality, portion size, and overall taste and doneness is below average during RW. But outside RW ... it's one of my favorites.

      I've found only a few places have figured out how to do RW properly. One of those places is iTrulli. Just superb. Take your money there if you want the best bang for the buck during RW.