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Mar 9, 2009 10:23 AM

Condiment for corned beef?

What do you serve with your corned beef "boiled dinner"? I have never been able to duplicate a tasty and simply horseradish sauce I once had at a Grange supper. I'd love a recipe but I'd also like to consider some other kind of condiment since my husband doesn't care for the horseradish sauce.

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  1. I prefer Dijon mustard.

    1. I like the Polish mustard (i.e. Kosciuszko), or Russian (some call it Thousand Island) Dressing. I've also used the Chinese mustard in those little take-out packets.

      1. Colman's English Mustard. Dijon mustard in a pinch, but nothing tops Colman's.

        1. gulden's mustard. i'm assuming you have the requisite canned white potatoes and the canned baby le sueur peas.

          1. The best horseradish sauce I ever had was just heavy whipping cream, lightly whipped to soft peak, prepared horseradish mixed in to taste.

            Since LadyOnO2 suggested Russian dressing which is usually on a Reuben sandwich, maybe you could make a Swiss cheese sauce (Swiss also on a Reuben). That would be good on the vegetables and potatoes, too. Add a little beer, if you're so inclined.