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Mar 9, 2009 10:16 AM

ISO: Spanish and British groceries

Hey, just back from a trip to England and Spain and now I need to do some shopping to fill some cravings. In particular, I need:

1. Lots of British foodstuffs, in particular, Branston pickle. We flew BA and their thin well-composed sandwiches really inspired me, believe it or not.

2. A good Spanish market. We brought home plenty of stuff but that will run out, and of course some things are a no-no with customs. I'd love to find a really great well-aged Manchego, for example.

3. A source for good anchovies. Maybe Diana's has, or one of the better Portuguese fishmongers? We ate anchovies almost every day in Spain, and I am craving the simple plate of anchovies doused in red wine vinegar and sliced red onion...with some nice bread, man so good. Keep in mind these should be salted/preserved, but big and good enough to stand on their own, ie. the jar of little Italian fishies I have from Costco won't cut it.

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    1. Scheffler's at St. Lawrence Market is good for Spanish. Their Manchego is O.K. but I've had better and all of it is ridiculously pricey in Toronto. They also have Palacio chorizo (sweet and hot) as well as serrano ham. I've found good Spanish food expensive and hard to come by in Toronto. The cuisine is so simple, it's better just to buy the ingredients and make it yourself.

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        Yeah, this is what I'm planning on doing, everything is so easy to make. But it's finding those premium ingredients that is the trick. I will check out both Scheffler's and Pasquale Bros, but curious if anyone has a fishmonger source for outstanding anchovies. Got to be one.

        1. re: childofthestorm

          Cheese boutique out on Ripley Ave is good too. Can't help you with the anchovies, though.

      2. I've been searching for decent (not the $200/can high end) Spanish canned fish to no avail.

        1. The major supermarket chains carry Branston pickle. (& other assorted English groceries).
          Try the Portugese shops on Bloor between Ossington & Dufferin, or the Italian shops on St.Clair either side of Dufferin for anchovies and Manchego, spanish olives etc.