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Mar 9, 2009 09:47 AM

Milwaukee Steak Restaurant-- By Bradley Center

Any recommendations of a good restaurant (good food/atmosphere) but not too pricey located by the Bradley Center? We will have a car, but dont want to drive too far before the game.


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  1. Kincaid's is a steakhouse right near there. I haven't been to that location. I had dinner at one of their California locations in Burlingame, just south of SFO airport, and absolutely loved it. I also had dinner at their location outside Indianapolis and thought it was decent but nothing great. Go figure.

    1110 North Old World 3rd Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53203

    I don't know where else you can get a steak near there. Of course, there's always Mader's if you decide you'd rather have German food.

    1. Is the Clock restaurant still around? I haven't lived in Milwaukee for 15 years but that used to be a staple of Milwaukee dining experience. It also wouldn't be too far to go to the Brown Bottle, which is located in the old Schlitz brewery complex. They have good food.

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        Butch's Clock Steak House just closed last week, according to the story at

        The Brown Bottle closed in 2004; Libiamo, an Italian restaurant, is now on that site.

        You need to get back to Milwaukee! Lots of excellent restaurants have opened in the years since you left.

      2. Aren't all good steak places pricey?! I can help out location-wise, but I recommend checking out the on-line menus for these places! Mason Street Grill close by, Carnevour I heard GREAT things about and Hinterland boasts fresh game but a little farther.
        (Yes, 5 O'Clock Steak house is still around and was featured on Rachel Ray's $40/day MKE show)

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          Carnevor is really good. Capital Grill is also nice and just a few blocks away on Wisconsin, I believe.

          1. re: foodgimp

            >> Aren't all good steak places pricey?!

            Only the good ones. :)

            >> We will have a car, but dont want to drive too far before the game.

            Why not just park the car once, and walk from dinner to the Bradley?

            Walking distance to the Bradley Center from:

            Kincaid's - 0.1 mile
            Mader's - 0.1 mile
            Capital Grille - 0.4 mile
            Mason Street Grill - 0.8 mile
            Carnevor - 0.8 mile
            Hinterland - 1.2 miles