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Mar 9, 2009 09:41 AM

Best way to bring wine on an airplane?

We're going on vacation and want to bring a couple of nice bottles of wine with us. Can't carry the wine on, and am nervous about a bit nervous about checking it in our luggage. Any fool proof ideas out there about how to transport wine on an airplane? Best way to pack it?

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  1. I've wrapped in bubblewrap and then put in the middle of the suitcase surrounded by underwear, sweaters, etc. We used to use a hard-sided case but with the weight limits now in effect, that seemed a waste of some of our precious pounds. It could still take a solid hit and break. Ruined clothes and/or large cleaning bills don't seem like a fun way to start a holiday. TSA has announced that they're going to be relaxing the limits for carryon liquids some time this year. But they have said when or how much. I'm hoping it will allow us to carry wine on again.

    1. is it really worth it? Pre-"NO LIQUID" rule I brought a couple in my carryon when we went to Iceland 'cause I'd heard that alcohol prices were exhorbitant there (they were), but I'd hate to ruin my vacation with broken glass and wine in my checked bag. Have you seen how they treat bags? We have these rolling duffles (soft sided) that have flat, plastic bottoms. We had to go through a secondary screening at customs and watched as he tossed the bags UPSIDE DOWN (soft part down) on the conveyor belt. Yikes. One of our bags came back with the plastic flat liner completely smashed. 'nuff said.

        1. I used wine bottle shippers.

          1. Wrap them in bubble wrap and tape it well. Place in a well-sealed large ziploc, then place in another ziploc, filling in any empty spaces. Works every time.

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              I regularly pick up bottles of craft beer on my travels, so the process is much the same.

              I wrap each bottle in bubblewrap, but never use tape. Then I put the bottle inside a ziploc bag. I have packed as many as half a dozen bottles at a time in my suitcase and have been doing this regularly since the liquid restrictions were imposed.

              I have never had a problem, althouth my suitcase is often examined by the TSA.

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                I fear the ziplocs aren't very reliable at containing the liquid should the bottle break. I had a eye makeup remover in a ziploc bag in the middle of my suitcase and when we arrived in Portugal I was so disappointed to find that the bottle had leaked and the ziploc bag had leaked and I had oily stains on many of my clothes. I was not a happy girl. :(