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Mar 9, 2009 09:30 AM

Fried Chicken Frenzy

I get off work today around 3, and i am craving one thing for dinner tonight!!!!!!!! Good ol' FRIED CHICKEN. Im here in the pasadena area. Normally i go to 3 spots for fried chicken.... Roscoes, oh how the grease makes my heart go pitter patter, Pioneer Chicken, reminds me of my childhood, and good old Albertsons fried chicken, may not be the best but always hits the spot. I think its time for something new. One of my buddys told me about pollo campero??? Any word on them. Im sure you all can help me out. Also good slaw is also a plus!

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  1. I have had Pollo Campero in El Salvador and Guatemala and it is just fantastic.. However the branch downtown los angeles failed on all points.. I would pass that location. I have not been to any others. Ive heard of Honey's Chicken in Culver City however I have not been. Yes, I like the rendition at Albertsons too as long as its fresh out of the pressure cooker thing they make it in.. Its reallly good!

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    1. re: Foodandwine

      I've asked this question before here....but any opinions on Dinah's?

      1. re: fourunder

        My office is across the street.. I have been on many occasions and I would pass. Its not all that good unless you like the softer non crispy mushy very peppery type of fried chicken...

        1. re: Foodandwine

          OOooohhh, that sounds like my Grandma Owen's fried chicken, the one I've been trying to match for the last 30-some years. I do like the crisp kind, too, but this was made to be packed in picnic baskets in the morning, and eaten lukewarm outdoors after church.

          1. re: Will Owen

            Will if you do go, there is a take out section next to the restaurant that serves take out boxes, I think the prices are much better along with the chicken..

            1. re: Will Owen

              Will, save your money!

              It will not be well spent at Dinah's. After many years of driving by Dinah's I finally tried it last year. I had their fried chicken dinner with sides and a soup I no longer remember the specifics of. What I do recall is that it was all horrible and I left feeling puzzled as to how they were as busy as they were.

              I know you are a fan of Pann's, as am I. Knowing that you could have had your fried chicken at Pann's, with all of their wonderful sides, you will leave Dinah's frustrated, angry and wanting to kick yourself for doubting me. ;-)

              1. re: Bob Brooks

                The man said non-crunchy, soft breading and lots of pepper. That's not necessarily my favorite kind (which, as Churchy Turtle said, is whatever's in front of me), but it's the focus of a particular quest. I do not intend to make a special trip, nor to buy a big box of it. I just want a taste, OK? Lighten up ;-)

      2. Well, since today is MOnday, the 9th, get your anatomical parts to Sherman Oaks by driving the 134 Fwy west to Woodman Avenue and head for Ventura Blvd. and the Boneyard Bistro. Aaron only does fried chicken on Mondays, yet it is soooo good. Will make you forget about Pioneer, which is ready to close one of its remaining few units in the near future, btw, as well as Albertsons. I always preferred Popeye's of the chain variety, yet once you taste the Boneyard version, the bar will have been raised forever.

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        1. re: carter

          Amen carter ... this was the first thing I thought of, too, when I saw the poster is in Pasadena.

          Consider this a hearty 2nd!

        2. If you like crispy fried chicken, you owe it to yourself to try Golden Bird. There are seven locations.

          1. Bill's Chicken on North Lake Ave (below Washington) is a hit/miss. If they're cooking a lot of chicken and the oil is fresh... unbelievable. Other times.... well, I'll pass.

            Hawkin's Burgers in Altadena is GREAT. Especially their wing special. Made to order. Sometimes there's a wait. Now that's finger-lickin-good chicken

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            1. re: veggie_trader

              I remember Jonathan Gold recommeneded the Fried Chicken at Hawkins Burgers to someone looking for fried chicken in the Pasadena area. I haven't managed to hit up Hawkins Burgers yet but thanks for the reminder

              1. re: veggie_trader

                I was at Hawkins and the lady was making the seasoning and she had me and my friend try some after she fried it up. It was GOOD1

              2. More often than not, the fried chicken I've had in LA has suffered from bland skin syndrome. Chicken is already not a deeply flavored food, and when the skin remains bland (Honey's Kettle and Golden Bird... I'm looking at you), the whole thing just falls apart for me.

                Having said that, I had some surprisingly good fried chicken at the Louisiana Fried Chicken in the shopping plaza on the northeast corner of Santa Monica and La Brea (catercorner from Target). It's an unlikely location-- half of the restaurant dead-eyed Chinese take-out. The other side of the restaurant had really well flavored, crispy, non-greasy fried chicken. And the fact that Cambodians serve it up is tribute to LA's diversity.

                Mr Taster

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                  The Louisiana Fried CHicken at the LaBrea/SMBlvd. store is not properly seasoned. It is very bland. Try going down in the 'hood to the LFC at Crenshaw/King Blvd. The difference is striking. Much, MUCH tastier down there. BTW, I wrote to the corporate office about the bland chicken and got an immediate reply from the President/CEO. He said that he'd look into this personally and whip' em into shape. I am awaiting his Email telling me that he has done this...SSZ

                  1. re: stevie666

                    I've had my share of bland fried chicken, including the golden bird in the now defunct Inglewood location. This chicken was most assuredly not bland!

                    Mr Taster