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Mar 9, 2009 09:17 AM

What are your top 3 sauces to make/eat?

We all love a good sauce. To me, learning to make a new sauce is the most satisfying part of cooking. What are your faves? (no brand names/prepared products please)

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  1. My sauces are all for pasta. Pesto, red sauce and red clam sauce. For the pesto I make a starter that I freeze. Just basil and cream cheese. I pack this in small youghrt containers; when I want pesto I toss the pesto starter in the food processor with garlic parmasean cheese and parsley and/or frozen spinach.

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    1. re: miss margie

      the cream cheese freezes okay? i think i'll try your pesto method cause i got an extra box of cream cheese sitting for a while now..

    2. Bolognese, creole, and marinara.

      1. bolognase, curries, harrisa

        1. Better to ask about a top 15! Maybe:

          Sauce bordelaise (building on a demi-glace or espagnole), sauce Perigueux (builds on a Madiera sauce and includes truffles), and sauce Bercy (for fish, builds on veloute sauce).

          1. aiolis and mayos
            ginger scallion sauce
            pan gravy
            I have to admit this list changes frequently.

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            1. re: lucygoosey

              lucygoosey--care to share your recipe for ginger scallion sauce?

              1. re: mdzehnder

                Easiest sauce ever. No real recipe. Everything gets a rough chop and then into the processor. I'll guess but you can really play w/ amounts. Sometimes I make it really thin and use as a salad dressing.
                1-1.5 bunch scallions
                1-2 inches fresh ginger
                1 med clove garlic
                dash cayenne
                1/4 c. rice vinegar
                1/4 c either cilantro or parsley (or both!0
                juice form 1/2 lime (lemon if you like)
                salt to taste
                olive oil enough to get the consistency you like. I like it quite thick.

                To me this tastes like spring and is great on fish, veg even a skirt steak.
                I make a bonito based ginger scallion for noodles if you're into that too.
                Hope you like it!

                1. re: lucygoosey

                  So.....I'm technologically pathetic and only just now realized that you had actually replied to my request for the recipe. Thanks so much for posting--looking forward to trying it soon.