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I know this is a little late from Ihop's free pancake day, but who else here only goes there on free pancake day because otherwise you can get anything else on their menu, at a place the specializes in the item.
I mean why would you go to ihop and get a burger, or a steak, or a sandwich, why would you not go to a steak house, or a hamburger place, or a sandwich shop. Ihop makes way to much, and makes it all crappy.
So other than free pancake day, or going their to just get breakfast food, why else would you ever go their. I was their on free pancake day and saw people eating lunch and dinner items, and im thinking: do they not realize that all those entree's had to be frozen because their menu is so vast.
I dont hold this just to Ihop, its to any restaurant that has a menu with way to many cuisines and dishes for them not all to be prepared fresh.

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  1. I find that every time I go into IHOP (which is very rare), I sit and look at the menu. Nothing looks appetizing.

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      i know, if i am forced to go their with a group it doesn't matter what time of day i always get omelets, or pancakes, or other breakfast food cuz i figure thats all that will be fresh. All the other stuff just looks unappetizing.

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        Sounds like Denny's. We will never return.

      2. I didn't realize people went to IHOP and actually ordered anything other than breakfast food lol. It just doesn't make sense!

        1. Any more, you can get better pancakes at a greasy spoon than at IHOP.

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            I've tried lunch or dinner items a couple times and thought they were disappointing. I wouldn't order them again.

            I do really like the omelet that's made with spinach and mushrooms and topped with tomatoes and "hollandaise" sauce. With one of the BOGO coupons they're always running in the newspaper, it makes for what I consider a decent value. I expect the sauce is made from a mix, but otherwise the ingredients always seem fresh.

            As to the OP's commentary about food being previously frozen, that applies to a lot of what I eat at home, too. And it certainly would be the case in many independent restaurants, even those with less extensive menus.

          2. It's a mystery to me as well. I love IHOP for what it is - a breakfast food joint, no matter what time of day. I can't conceive of going there and ordering a burger or sandwich.

            1. I gave up on IHOP after I tried their "chicken fried steak", basically a deep fried roof shingle. The IHOP closest to me has a smoking section that's basically a sealed fishbowl full of huge families of huge parents and huge kids eating huge portions and all smoking like chimneys. I'd rather just stare blankly at the pancake syrups.

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                So what bothers you the most, that they smoke, or that they're huge?

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                  Neither. It's the disquieting specimens-in-a-glass-bowl effect. It makes them look like they're in a lab experimenting on the effects of food/smoke on lab animals. I keep expecting to see them run to the wall to hit a paddle that delivers cocaine.

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                    monkeyrotica, your word-picture reminds me of gary larson cartoons, with the huge, fat pimply kid as the focus of some animal trick, or some weird scientist's odd experimentation. i think the "fish bowl" analogy really spurred that connection!

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                      Crayfishing's OK. I agree with alkapal; it reminds me of Larson's cartoons.
                      In NC I bet they allow smoking everywhere in the restaurants, like they do in the Charlotte airport.

                2. My luck has generally been pretty good when it comes to IHOP -- I almost never have to face the unfortunate prospect of dining in one. However, sometimes booze demands consumption at 2am and they're the only game in town. Or, sometimes your cousin gets his first job at an IHOP and you make a token visit to show your support.

                  Whatever the circumstance, IHOP is about as bad as it gets. You would be better off picking cold hash browns out of a Waffle House garbage can.

                  The best way to make it through a visit, I've found, is to order some coffee and worry about food later on. A few hours of hunger beats the hell out of the alternative.

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                    The one time I ate at ihop I was so grossed out by their so-called flavored pancake syrups (watery, pale, and tasting nothing like the blackberries or strawberries they were supposed to at least, that it scarred me for life and i never went back. Everything else was so overwhelingly sickeningly sweet I couldn't believe it.

                  2. Wife & I think the Grand Slam pancakes at Denny's are superior to the IHOP pancakes over Their in Bullhead City, AZ.

                    1. the ihop on rte. 50 and annandale rd. in falls church virginia is good. i like the chicken fajita omelette and the harvest grain-and-nut pancakes with the butter pecan syrup. good coffee and good, friendly service, and clean. their patty melts are good, too.

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                        Now I really do enjoy the bottomless coffee carafe placed on the table at IHOP's. And, to monkeyeroticas comment. I think I would stay away from the Denny's which is always getting robbed too!

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                          Oh, I bet if IHOP had a "free cheeseburger day" the day after "free pancake day" everyone would be there at daylight and complaining that the line was too long.

                      2. I won't go and pay so. I won't go for free.

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                        1. I'm a food snob. I love to rant and rail against soulless coporate crap food. I do that all the time. Chilis, Friday's, On the Border, Olive Garden are aboninations.

                          My Dad had heart surgery last April. Doc told my brother and I that its going to be 3 or 4 hours till its done, take Mom out to breakfast. The area we were in was lacking in good breakfast places. We went to IHOP, That restaurant has been at that locatioin as long as I can remember. Its old and ugly (not unlike myself).

                          The food was perfectly cooked, my scramble eggs with biscuits and gravy. My Mom's over easy eggs we exactly perfect as were my Brother's. Everything was fresh, hot, and well prepared. Our server was the best. I was aprehensive about IHOP going in, but they do what they do very well. Kudo's to IHOP as far as I'm concerned.

                          BTW, after a long, hard recovery. Dad's coming home in 2 weeks.

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                            There's something about having a loved one in the hospital that makes even the most mediocre food seem good. I guess because it takes your mind off of your troubles for a few minutes. When my wife was sick, I started to look forward to eating in the hospital cafeteria.

                          2. When traveling on vacation as a child we would always stop for breakfast. Our family traditionally liked Howard Johnsons, but once in a while, we would put in for International House of Pancakes. I liked it because (and pardon the juvenile reminiscent perspective) the heavy-set African-American waitresses were so exotic to me, walking around with their coffee pots and warm pots of syrup. There big smiles communicated friendly warmth and welcome. I _knew_ I was far away from home and on an adventure because I didn’t see women like that at home and I never got french toast or pancakes like these at home.

                            So, with that memory, I go to IHOP today, and it’s blah. That once magical place has become a grim reality, with cigarette smoke, greasy food, careless waitresses, dirty tables, dirty floors and unruly children. It’s impersonal and utterly depressing.

                            I know my dislike of the place is largely emotional and not based on objective empirical evidence, but – I think emotions play a big part in our enjoyment of food and for me “IHOP” has lost its lustre.

                            Now, why go there for burgers or chicken? Maybe it tastes good? I can’t speak for IHOP, but I think Waffle House has a really tasty cheeseburger. Couldn’t the same go for IHOP?

                            1. gross.... not real food in these 'restaurants' anymore... no real maple syrup, no real coffee, no real meat... wtf???? no wonder cancer rate is up in this country!!!

                              1. I rarely -like never go to ihop,didn't even know they had anything else, and i guess what they do have I could get at friendlys or something similar. For breakfast food a new "original pancake house" just opened- went to the soft opening- seemed very good, but i am on a fixed income and even there it adds up quickly- but the food was good-I will be back there

                                1. I'm sitting here reading this wondering why you bothered to go to ihop for some "free," substandard pancakes in the first place. You're obviously aware food is not a commodity yet it seems you are treating pancakes as such.