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Mar 9, 2009 09:06 AM


I know this is a little late from Ihop's free pancake day, but who else here only goes there on free pancake day because otherwise you can get anything else on their menu, at a place the specializes in the item.
I mean why would you go to ihop and get a burger, or a steak, or a sandwich, why would you not go to a steak house, or a hamburger place, or a sandwich shop. Ihop makes way to much, and makes it all crappy.
So other than free pancake day, or going their to just get breakfast food, why else would you ever go their. I was their on free pancake day and saw people eating lunch and dinner items, and im thinking: do they not realize that all those entree's had to be frozen because their menu is so vast.
I dont hold this just to Ihop, its to any restaurant that has a menu with way to many cuisines and dishes for them not all to be prepared fresh.

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  1. I find that every time I go into IHOP (which is very rare), I sit and look at the menu. Nothing looks appetizing.

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      i know, if i am forced to go their with a group it doesn't matter what time of day i always get omelets, or pancakes, or other breakfast food cuz i figure thats all that will be fresh. All the other stuff just looks unappetizing.

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        Sounds like Denny's. We will never return.

      2. I didn't realize people went to IHOP and actually ordered anything other than breakfast food lol. It just doesn't make sense!

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          1. Any more, you can get better pancakes at a greasy spoon than at IHOP.

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              I've tried lunch or dinner items a couple times and thought they were disappointing. I wouldn't order them again.

              I do really like the omelet that's made with spinach and mushrooms and topped with tomatoes and "hollandaise" sauce. With one of the BOGO coupons they're always running in the newspaper, it makes for what I consider a decent value. I expect the sauce is made from a mix, but otherwise the ingredients always seem fresh.

              As to the OP's commentary about food being previously frozen, that applies to a lot of what I eat at home, too. And it certainly would be the case in many independent restaurants, even those with less extensive menus.

            2. It's a mystery to me as well. I love IHOP for what it is - a breakfast food joint, no matter what time of day. I can't conceive of going there and ordering a burger or sandwich.