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Mar 9, 2009 09:05 AM

St. Louis: Chinese west of I-270

We live in Valley Park and have yet to find a decent Chinese restaurant in West County. Does any chowhound have a suggestion? We prefer not to drive as far as Olivette.

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  1. It is very tough out there to be honest with you.

    For the last few months, we have been carrying out once a week or so from China 1 which is in the plaza where the Schnucks is at Big Bend and 141.

    Very close to you. We all like it alot. Nothing fancy, but solid.

    We also like King Doh , in Rock Hill on Manchester road. A further drive for you and a nicer place. Two totally different types of places.

    Have you tried Dynasty? I have not and I have been curious. They have been around for quite a while.


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      King Doh -- Isn't that Homer Simpson's favorite restaurant?