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Mar 9, 2009 09:02 AM

Jacque Pepin's Slow & Easy Bread in a Pot

On an episode of More Fast Food My Way, Jacques Pepin made this recipe. Same ingredients as Artisan Bread in 5 mins, but the technique was different. He heated water until tepid, stirred in the salt and yeast and was pretty relaxed about the amount of yeast. He said one teaspoon, but he didn't measure, I guess you can go under or over that amount with sucessful results. Then he added 4 cups flour, stirred and left the dough proof for 40 mins. Broke it down and then placed it in the refridgerator overnight. The pot he removed he said had been in the fridge for about 12 hours.

Put the pot in a hot oven and baked for 30 mins. He turned it out, but never cut into it so you couldn't see the crumb.

JP stated the crust was crispy, but he didn't cover the pot or use water at the bottom of the oven. So, did anyone get the exact amount of the ingredients? Has anyone tried making this. Does it come out just like the Artisan Bread?

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    1. As greygarious mentioned, you'll find the answers for much of what you asked on the thread provided in the "Already discussed" link.
      As for experience with the recipe/technique, I found it to be quite an easy bread to make and it turned out quite well. It's a peasant bread so don't expect anything exotic but it's worth your time and effort (not much effort in it though) to try.
      Check your flour. I somtimes buy flour on sale and most of that is bleached. You'll have better luck with this recipe using unbleached AP flour (assuming, like so many of us, you don't typically have bread flour around)

      1. It's probably in his cookbook!

        1. I made this bread using whole wheat pastry flour, it stuck to the bottom of the pot .

          1. Since I am also "yeastophobic" but love Jacques recipes as well as his laid back attitude I forged ahead. Like the good/seasoned cook I am, I possess the ultimate array of kitchen gadgets which includes both nonstick as well as SS pots/pans from several companies. However, it looked like Jacques used probably a 3qt. nonstick saucepan. My ovenproof Calphalon is 2qt. & 3 qt. nonstick are Wearevers - not ovenproof to 425. Sooooooo after researching the website to first find the episode plus going online to see if my Wearever's were actually ovenproof I became obscessed with this recipe! I hit Marshall's/TJ's on my lunch hour to see if I could find a low priced facsimile. I, instead found the most wonderful pan which cost $5!!!!! Sorry, can't remember the company name.........knew this would happen.....I believe it was from a German company, however, China made. It is 4" deep, 8" in diameter, [3qt pot size] dark nonstick metal, & works like a springform pan minus the locking just put the bottom in push it down. I figured it would probably leak, so I tested it & it did in fact slowly drip water. To alleviate that little speed bump, I did the prep mixing in a bowl, then poured the thick batter into the pan ------- worked perfectly! No greasing, no parchment! I used plastic wrap as a lid. I knew before buying that it would be useful for cakes as well, so $5. well spent! And now the bread.................YES, I DID IT!!!! Every attempt @ this bread baking excursion was exactly as Jacques both said/ proofed beautifully, bubbled overnight beautifully, & baked beautifully! After baking,I went around the inner edge with a knife to loosen, & popped the bottom out. Had to go around the edge of the bottom to loose the very outer big deal, once around it came right off just like a cheesecake. Like someone stated, it is a chewier, rustic type boule, on the order of Focaccia. I cut the end curve off, then just sliced across to form long slices which we made Pannini's with......brush with ex.virg, add Prosciutto, boccocini, basil leaves, roasted husband went wild! I think this will be great toasted or used for Frence toast as well.
            Hope I am of some help to all! Sorry, didn't think to pic until 3/4 consumed! Bon Appetit!