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Longo's (finally) opening more stores D/T

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Besides the full size new store at Maple Leaf Square scheduled to open in 2010, Longo's is opening two smaller scale stores downtown Toronto - one at Dundas St W and Elizabeth (one block west of Bay in the One City Hall condos) and one at Yonge/Bloor. Both are scheduled to open this year! Can't wait.

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    1. That's great...wish they would open one "midtown"...I live in Leaside and go the the York Mills store regularly but would like one closer...I'm a Longo's fan!!!

      1. The Yonge/Bloor store will be in the old Beddingtons (Benningtons?) space at the corner of Bloor and Park Road.

        1. God Bless Longos. Thanks so much C-Nut.

          1. Not being familiar with Longo's what makes them special?
            I haven't seen anything at the mini-Longo's downtown in the PATH that really sets them apart. In fact I find their produce to be of poor quality there. Now I know it's not the most fair comparision but what do the large location have that sobey's, loblaws, or metro do not?

            1. Are these other Longo's like the one at Woodbine and 7?