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Mar 9, 2009 08:46 AM

June Trip

We are planning our New Orleans vacation to coincide with The Seafood Fest and Creole Tomato Fest. We did this last year and had a great time!

This is our 9th trip to New Orleans. Since we discovered your great city we have been coming back every year. We never stay in the same place twice. We have decided to stay outside the quarter this year. We are staying on Poydras St. Can you recommend restaurants for evening dinners in this area?

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  1. August, Cuvee and Herbsaint are all very near Poydras. Even more only a short walk.

    1. Luke, Rambla, RioMar, La Boca, Bon Ton

      1. Cafe Adelaide in the Lowe's Hotel, Tommy's, Emeril's,

        1. Not to be a pain in the a##, but could you advise me which restaurants I would need to make reservations at before arriving in New Orleans. I guess I'm asking how far inadvance do I need to make reservations!!

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            Though June is getting on towards "off season," I'd make reservations at any that you wish to dine. There is little worse than having one's heart set on a particular place, only to find that they are filled until closing time. Even for some more casual places I'll make reservations 3-6 mos. out, just to be sure. Besides, it helps me to plan my dining.

            I'd also add MiLa to your list of possibles. It's "just" up the street and an easy walk.