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Mar 9, 2009 08:39 AM

Peruvian in Michigan?

Originally moving to Michigan from California I've tried to find particular ethnic food I used to go out for frequently. I've found some and not others. Recently I was wondering after fruitless internet searches and talking to friends. Are there any Peruvian restaurants in Michigan anywhere?


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  1. i am dying for this info as well! i need my ceviche!

    1. The closest I know for a possible maybe is Dona Lola.

      I will try it out later this week. I will try to scam out a menu for you.

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      1. re: JanPrimus

        Seems to be Ecuadorean from one write up but I found another more detailed writeup:

        DONA LOLA
        1312 Springwells, Detroit

        You have to scroll down to Latino Food once you hit the link. Still not Peruvian but sounds interesting still.

        1. re: Foog

          I think she's closed : ( It was Ecuadorian, which is quite different from Peruvian.

          Call ahead at the very least. And if you know any Peruvians who can cook, tell 'em there's a wide-open opportunity up here.

          1. re: Jim M

            Absolutely it's different but still maybe worth checking out. I will definitely call first. Thanks Jim M

              1. re: Foog

                Oh, I liked the place a lot. Lola was a pretty imposing Afro-Ecuadorian woman and a great seafood cook. Intriguing crab dips and things, served with tortilla chips. If you go and it's still open, let us know.

                1. re: Jim M

                  I went by there yesterday, and it's closed. There's now a Mexican restaurant in the space. There was a guy grilling meat outside and a bunch of hand-lettered signage -- both good signs, but I didn't have time to stop. I'll report back. There's also a new taco truck on Springwells a few blocks north of there.

        2. god, I wish. Somebody please open one.

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          1. re: oppsie

            I don't know what constitutes Peruvian ceviche, but there are varieties of Mexican ceviche around. The Acapulco mobile truck has great ceviche-- keep an eye out for him on W Vernor. LaTerraza reataurant on Lawndale is my 2nd favorite, though both quality and service are a bit uneven. Rincon Taraxco on Junction also isn't bad. El Rey's (on weekends, mostly) is good but different-- more vegetable matter than seafood.

            1. re: ak994

              I also endorse that Acapulco truck as I just posted in the Taco Truck thread. :)

              Good Stuff!

          2. Not yet, but you can find some Peruvian people who get together sometimes and bring food to the parties or meetings… check this web or joy…