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Mar 9, 2009 08:34 AM

Fun Lunch 3 Adults and 3 kids aged 2-4

Looking for a place where the adults can eat some good food while keeping the kids entertained and fed. Live in Chestnut Hill but willing to travel. Adults are open to anything. Very adventorous palates. Thanks!!

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  1. What kind of entertainment are you looking for?

    Farm Grill, on Needham Street in Newton Highlands, is a great place for a casual lunch. It provides no entertainment but certainly is kid friendly.

    1. Our kids really enjoy eating at Punjab in downtown Arlington. The food is great but another highlight is that the tandoor oven area is visible from the dining room through a large plexiglass window; our sons really enjoy watching the cooks prepare the breads and kabobs and the cooks are pretty friendly when kids press their noses to the glass.

      1. When my sister's kids were in that age group, she swore by Full Moon in Cambridge. Great food and play area for kids.

        Full Moon
        344 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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        1. re: Science Chick

          My problem with Full Moon is not the food, but the anxiety created by eating in a restaurant that's essentially a kids' playroom. And there are lots of kids. So while I like the concept, I never found it particularly relaxing. That said, it is a unique concept, and lots of people (apparently including your sister) really like the place.

          1. re: Blumie

            Blumie, you're right about it being a kids' playroom, but I gotta say, eating w/kids in that age group is *never* relaxing, and at least at Full Moon the kids can get down from the table and play . . . allowing the adults a bit of time to complete a thought and a sentence!

            FWIW, Full Moon was the first place that came to mind when I read the OP. It was a lifesaver for me and our friends when our kids were younger.

            1. re: gansu girl

              I think every family should check it out and see if it works for them. There's no question that it's a far superior alternative to McDonald's, or Chuck-E-Cheese, or any similar place. They serve good adult food (and adult beverages!) in a kid-friendly environment.

            2. re: Blumie

              I certainly understand your point. Let me clarify....she liked the place when she had 2-4 yr olds to contend with. Speaking as a Mom as well, I remember the difficulty of trying to eat out somewhere in those years, when your child's behavior was completely unpredictable. Having a play area available gives you a break and let's you talk to other adults with your little one safely occupied. A blessing! Now that our kids are grown, we are not so eager to hangout at a place filled with lots of little kids. I did think that's what the OP was looking for, though.

              1. re: Science Chick

                Yes, I always wondered about the child-free adults I saw in there . . . if I'm child-free I *certainly* don't want to hang out in a place populated by little kids!? The food isn't *that* good.

                  1. re: gansu girl

                    Couldn't be truer. As a childless individual, I made the mistake of wandering in there for dinner once - not fun.

                    But I completely see the appeal for those with kids who want to enjoy a normal-length meal without the little ones getting antsy :-)

            3. Sweet Sue's on Mass Ave (just north of the Center) in Arlington is a great choice with kids. The lunch menu has a variety of fresh and good choices, and the baked goods are fine. It's a big corner room, so on a sunny day it's an especially nice place to sit.

              1. Full Moon Seems perfect. How is the food? What do they do really well? Do they serve adult Beverages?

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                1. re: Northstar22

                  Click on the link I provided, above, to see the menu. Haven't been there, myself, so I don't know what is best. Food seems pretty straightforward, though. BTW, my understanding is that kid's meals come with fresh veggie sticks and fruit, rather than fries....a nice break from the usual kid's menu!

                  1. re: Science Chick

                    Yes as to adult beverages, including a tasty sangria.