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Well, it's nearly Spring and my tastebuds are hankering for shad roe. Does anyone have reccommendations as to which restaurants in the Balto. area are serving it? FoiGras

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  1. Not in Baltimore but if you are willing to travel to DC for a wonderful dining experience, Equinox usually has it on the menu.

    But it seems a little early for shad roe season. Isn't it usually mid-April?

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      Thanks for your response--wasn't certain when the season kicked in. If I can't get my "fix" in Balto., would be willing to travel a bit.

      I love the D.C. area and used to dine out at least twice a week there and Northern Virginia in the early 1990's (when the traffic wasn't quite as prohibitive).

      Sounds as though Equinox is a "Destination Restaurant' even without the shad roe. YUM! FoiGras

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        I also feel like I saw it in an appetizer at Hook last year...but I'm not 100% sure.

    2. Don't know when the season officially starts, but Kwon's in Cross St. Market is selling it fresh these days.....looks very tasty....

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        and it was base cheap at the Lex Market compared to DC