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Mar 9, 2009 08:03 AM


I like to support new restaurants, especially these days. I am curious about Lusso, on W Broadway where Le Streghe used to be. They are open on Sunday at lunchtime now, but I can't tell from their web site whether they're serving brunch food per se. I'm coming up from DC and plan to take a group there in a few weeks. Would love to hear about anyone's experience there so far.

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  1. It's not very good. Service is off, but it's new and may need some time to find its stride.
    There's something of a very casual bar scene forming there for better or for worse. Kind of a low-brow situation considering the name means "luxury" in Italian.
    On the plus side, my friends have said good things about a duck dish which I've not had.

    One block north, Aurora is still serving the best Italian food in SoHo.
    Two blocks south, Pepolino in TriBeCa has been consistently outstanding for years.

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      We had quite a good meal at Lusso - Fricco (very good), Asparagus salad (sounded odd with pistachios, but was quite good), Orchiette with Brocoli Rabe (way above average). For us it's a definite return.

      Went to Aurora a few times and will never go back - Lusso is preferable in my book. I do agree on Pepolino (except the one time we ate upstairs it was for some reason subpar).