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Mar 9, 2009 08:00 AM

Anniversary Cake in Exeter, NH

I'm looking for a place in the Exeter, NH area that could do a nice (pretty and tasty) cake for a 60th anniversary party. I don't need or want a large wedding cake as the party is more intimate (20-25 close friends and family). I do want something good and more elegant than a sheet cake from the grocery store or one of the warehouse places. An added plus if they would deliver. I've been away from the area for several years and lost touch with what is there and good. Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. What about Sweet Dreams in Stratham? I think they actually deliver. They catered an event for my family last year. Or if you are willing to drive to Portsmouth it opens up many options for you.

    1. Galley Hatch Catering & Bakery has AMAZING cakes...for all occasions! My favorite is their Strawberry Gateau....white cake with fresh whipped cream frosting with fresh strawberries in the middle and on the top! I have never been disappointed with their fact, when we go visit my mom, my husband insists on a "drive by" to the restaurant/retail bakery for some mini-pastries!

      1. Is Bakers Peel still in town ? used them a few years ago when in that area,,Owner very talented,,,

        1. Thanks all for the suggestions. I'm going to check into them all. I'll report back after the event in mid-april to let you know what I did and how it was. I know I could always go to Portsmouth and Ceres, but I'm hoping to find something a little closer to the party!

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            Another update. I called Bakers Peel. They are still in town, but the told me the current owner doesn't do cakes, but the new owner does and suggested I'll call back next week and speak to the new owner. I'll probably pass since it seems like too many unknowns and I don't want to take any chances.

          2. I ended up going with Sweet Dreams in Stratham. Initially, they were a little slow to respond to my inquiry. I was just getting ready to try the Galley Hatch when they got back me. After the initial slow response (which they apologized for), everything went very smoothly. I couldn't have asked for an easier transaction. I picked up the cake Saturday. It was ready for us and decorated beautifully with fresh flowers. We had a two tier cake with a cream cheese butter cream frosting. One tier was chocolate, the other tier was vanilla. Both included tiers included a raspberry filling. It was delicious and everyone raved about the cake. I think the price was reasonable for what they provided. While picking up the cake, I browsed the cases which were filled with what looked like delicious pastries, cakes, quiches and salads. If we weren't heading to the party, I would have picked up lunch! Thanks for your suggestions.