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Mar 9, 2009 06:38 AM

What are these pans?

I've got several pieces of Paul Revere "Limited Edition Collection" copper/stainless cookware. They're old (late 60's - early 70's) but never used, and I want to sell them. But there are two identical small pieces that I can't quite figure out, and I don't know what to call them in my ad. Does anyone have any idea what these might be? They measure 6.5" across the top and 4.5" across the bottom. And they're about 1" deep. Thanks.

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    1. re: Fritter

      Yep. they're gratin pans - -
      although you could also use them as serving dishes for side dishes.

    2. Rounded curved sides or straight? I am thinking saucier for the first and windsor for the second. A pix would help.

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      1. re: billieboy

        There is a photo. I can't imagine actually cooking in pans so small. Maybe they're used for finishing something under the broiler?

        1. re: CindyJ

          Sorry, I missed the pix,,,forget my post...:-)
          Maybe chafing insets?

      2. I had a Revere Ware saucepan of that vintage (not copper) which had a similar thing although with a more rounded bottom. It was a double-boiler insert.

        1. They are double boilers for the quart sauce pans....I have my mothers and can use it on my current pans

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          1. re: jspear

            Even though they're only 1" deep?

            1. re: CindyJ

              They are too shallow for double boilers. That's why you have more than one gratin pan. ;)

          2. In the context of the time frame, I suspect them to be double boilers intended for cheese or chocolate melting/dipping.

            If the box is perfectly intact, I am sure that would not only state what they are in the description, but would really boost your <($$)>!

            Go figure with a box you may just have something really valuable. Ho-humm without.

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            1. re: RShea78

              Thanks RShea, if I read the description for gratin pans, I assume that they go in the oven. These were not made for oven use, the set was stove top only.....

              1. re: jspear

                jspear -- how do you know that the set was stove top only?

              2. re: RShea78

                I no longer have the original box. The thing is, if they were intended to be double boilers, would there be two in the set if there's only one small saucepan? Also, these pans are only 1" deep, and if one was placed over the small saucepan and used as a double boiler, the small pan would wobble if the contents of the pan were stirred,.

                1. re: CindyJ

                  As I posted above, I have a Revere saucepan of that vintage which has a round-bottomed double-boiler insert. It's a 2-qt stainless pan with a copper-clad bottom but the insert, which is about 3" deep, is all aluminum. I have trouble thinking that a set of pots and pans would include pieces intended just for the oven, which makes me skeptical about their being gratin dishes, even though the shape is right. This was the era before microwaves - could they have been intended for double-boiler usage, but just for keeping foods warm or reheating leftovers? With the flat bottoms, they could be removed from the saucepans and used at the table as serving dishes.

                  1. re: CindyJ

                    Cindy, do you have a complete set?? I think that this was a process buying thing, getting different things with different sets, kind of building a full set....

                    1. re: jspear

                      Unfortunately, I have no precise recollection of how I came by these pieces. I'm fairly certain I didn't buy them for myself; I probably got them as a gift. And, if I were to guess, I'd say they were packaged as a "set." Those little pans are strange things for ANYONE to buy as separate pieces.