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Mar 9, 2009 06:32 AM

Looking for dinner Boca suggestions

I am giving an evening lecture in downtown Boca (Palmetto Park and AIA region) this week, and I am looking for reasonably priced dinner suggestions.

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  1. Seasons 52 has great food and wine.The atmosphere is serene.Reservations are hard to get but you can usually get a comfortable booth in the bar if you get there early(no reservation required) .

    1. Are you from out of town (as in "up north")? If so you might enjoy dining on the beach. There are several places just a few miles south in Deerfield - on A1A on the ocean - JB's and Oceans 23 or something like that. The food might not be fantastic or cheap but if you are visiting this could be an enjoyable scene. Otherwise, you are very close to Saporissimo. Search this board (see link above) for that name and you'll find plenty of other Boca dining recos.

      1. Where'd you end up going?