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Mar 9, 2009 05:31 AM

Puffs & Pastries in Hampden

This past Saturday was my wife's birthday and somewhere in my party planning I forgot to order a cake. I stopped in Puffs & Pastries around 2:30, hoping I would get lucky and they would have a whole cake available, which unfortunately they didn't. Instead, they whipped up a delicious, gigantic, Earl Gray cake from scratch and it was finished -and delivered-to the restaurant before we even finished with dinner. I can't remember the last time I recieved such great and personable service. Thank you, Anisha and Laruren!

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  1. I had made an appointment with Anisha and then on the day of the meeting she leaves me a message on if she can reschedule because she wanted to help her friend with something. Not because she was sick or there was an emergency...for personal reasons. I dont live near Baltimore and I had rearranged appointments to meet with her. So then this girl tells me we can meet on a different day and she’ll bring the tasting to me. I agree. On the day of the rescheduled tasting she calls me and then talks to me about these fees, basically asking me if i can afford it because she doesnt want to waste her time driving if im not going to pay up. Anyway I say the prices are fine and she confirms that she will come. The girl stands me up! And I find that she wrote me an email checking to make sure I pay AGAIN because she doesnt want to waste her time. She didn’t even call my cell phone. Businesses shouldnt just be about the product but the customer service. Totally unreliable not to mention rude. She totally wasted my time. Not to be trusted..especially for an important day like a wedding. I was so dissapointed and I just couldnt believe the disrespect.

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      Wow. That's mind-bogglingly unprofessional. Not to mention just out and out rude! There are plenty of other patisseries in Baltimore to patronize. Good luck!

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        My problem with the place is that it is that the one time I went in there, the pastries were completely overpriced AND not very good. Go to Bonjour. My favorite patisserie--great pastry, great service, and now they're doing a savory crepe night every Thursday.