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Mar 9, 2009 12:20 AM

ISO - Coconut Water

I need a line on where to get good coconut water in a can. I know that the best comes out of a fresh young coconut but when I'm hungover, parched and still slightly drunk I think it's best I don't wield any large hacking implements.

Lots of Chinese and Latino markets have canned coconut water but everything I've scoped has added sugar and frequently those texturally frightening 'goya bits' of diced coconut flesh.

Any idea where pure, unadulterated coconut water can be found? I used to get a brand called Amy and Brian's Organic Coconut Water back east. If anyone knows where I could track that down I'd be mighty grateful.

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  1. i've seen packaged coconut water at whole foods in el segundo

    1. I recall seeing fresh coconuts with small holes already made (with saran film over them) sold at Whole Foods, you just grab a straw and are good to go. I know you said you were looking for the can, but the fresh tastes better.

      If you still want the cans, I've seen those too (without the sugar and bits) at Whole Foods, Follow Your Heart, and Full of Life.

      1. Gelson's carries plain coconut water in a box carton kind of thing. Nothing added.
        I like the fresh too, but I'm under the impression you want it waiting when you wake up?

        1. A vendor at the Sunday morning Mar Vista farmers market offers it in the coconut. This would lead me to consider other farmers markets. If you're able to make it down to a farmers market in your hungover state, a nice walk with some fresh morning air might do you some good as well.

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            Hollywood Farmer's Market has a similiar vendor.

            Whole Foods carries at least six brands of coconut water.

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              There's a stand (in case you're near there) at Cedars-Sinai on 3rd and George Burns where they sell fruit and coconuts.

            2. Yeah, any Whole Foods will have several, usually including Amy and Brian's.