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Mar 8, 2009 11:50 PM

Trip from Kansas City to Sioux Falls, SD..need help please!!

Hey everyone, my sister and I are heading from KC to Sioux Falls. We have never been there but decided to go on a road trip. We are looking for great food and things to do. It is just the two of us. Any information would be wonderful.

My sister also would like to visit a winery while we are there. i see that there are four of them in the area, which one is the best. I hate wine, so I only want to visit one.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help us have a great weekend.

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  1. Can't help you with the winery but as for restaurants.....
    Bracco on Western is good for Pacific Rim food and a fun atmosphere.
    Sushi Masa on Phillips has great sushi and other Japanese food.
    Tre on 33rd and Minnesota is good for drinks and either dinner or appetizers.
    Spezia on Louise is excellent Italian.

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    1. re: cschafer

      Thanks, We are not scheduled to go for a few weeks, but will try and post when we get back. My sister is not much of a Japanese or Sushi person, but I definatly think the others might be contendars. Now if we can get a great brunch/breakfast place that is not IHOP or Perkins...I saw the Orginial Pancake House, so we might go there.

    2. I've heard great things about the Queen City Bakery for breakfast:

      Kaladi's also makes a great espresso and breakfast:

      For lunch check out Sanaa's Gourmet for excellent Lebanese cuisine:

      About 200 feet down the boardwalk from Sanaa's is a new restaurant, "K" that is fantastic the phone number is: (605) 336-3315‎

      1. Check out the Hamburger Inn downtown for lunch. Very small, sit at the counter type burger joint.

        Also, this thread may help. It was started in 2006 but has been updated more recently:

        1. Here's some thoughts from a NYC/DC transplant.

          - This town is all about steaks and burgers and home cooking. There are lots of chain restaurants but we do have some real hidden gems also.

          - As a rule, I wouldn't go for fish or seafood in this town. with the exception of Walleye...I find fish a true disappointment. The exception on this would be fish from Foleys, K or Minervas - OR - for those who DO like Sushi and want to go to Sushi Masa or Tokyo. But you aren't with a sushi fan... so just skip that last one.

          - I lived in Italy and studied Italian cuisine, so I'm a critic in this area. Many of the locals here pronounce Italian "EYEtalian" - in parallel, Italian food is mid-westernized to a large extent. So if you're not a fan of starch, lots of sauce and alfredo, be really careful about what you select from menus! Not mentioning any names here as there are plenty of good dishes... I have just found that it's often a crap shoot when I order (though always pricey).

          - Seems like everyone will jump to recommend BRACCO and SPEZIA when it comes to dining recommendations, so I'm steering clear of this! They are both fine, trendy establishments with nice atomosphere. Bracco is funky and upbeat and has a HUGE happy hour with tons of appetizers. Spezia has great ambience and old-world charm...

          However, i you want beaten path recommendations.OTHER than this... and some really DIFFERENT cuisine, here are my recommendations:

          LUNCH AND DINNER FAVORITES (in no specific order but numbered for ease of reading only):

          1. Sanaa's 8th Street Gourmet (@sanaa on twitter). Healthy Mediterranean. Casual. Go Friday dinner or Saturday lunch for 10 course buffet and sample stuff. Best way to eat there. P.S. She's interested in link & content exchanges...

          2. "K" (also at 8th and Railroad Center by Sanaa's). Upscale gourmet. Fab reviews and owned by longtime town restauranteur.

          3. "Taqueira Los Cantaritos" - Now, this place is a cheap dive that makes craveable food. It is clean and run by a Salvadorian family. The tacos and burritos are great (wish they had a good fish taco) but we LOVE the Queso Pupusas (corn dough cakes stuffed with goodies and served with a lime infused cabbage slaw and other acoutrements), Sopas and other things on the menu are also great. Go have a beer and enjoy really bad soap operas En Espanol while the juke box spews out snappy tunes. It's next to Mr. Nifty's gas and a laundromat on 10th Street. Parking in back. You'll thank me! LOL!

          4. Carnival Brazilian Grill - If you haven't done Brazilian barbecue, you should visit this place. Check out the website. The brunch on Sunday is pretty spectacular - bring a big appetite.

          4. Granite City - I'd say this is a great place for lunch OR dinner. At lunch the portions are smaller and the crowd isn't as noisy. GC is an upscale sports bar. They makes most things from scratch including their very tasty salad dressings. Hubby's favorite is the meatloaf (HUGE) and I like the rosemary filet... awesome salads and other good dishes. Great drinks and fresh brewed beer/rootbeer. Try the black currant ice tea for non-alcoholic refreshment. Terrific brunch on Sundays, too.

          5. Minervas - Upscale dining in a clubhouse, art deco atmosphere in downtown sioux falls. This is a real local favorite. There's limited outdoor seating. Great wine list, good steaks and you can actually get decent seafood here too. Date restaurant with good service.

          6. "Foleys" is another upscale steakhouse with terrific service. Get reservations at both minerva's and Foleys. .


          Kaladi's has great coffee, baked goods and egg scrambles with fresh-baked bread. Multiple locations but my favorite is the one on Minnesota. Great place to write a blog post and hang out for a bit although noisy.

          The Original Pancake House has lousy coffee but great 5 egg omlette (share it with an extra side of pancakes - they're HUGE). Pancake menu is impressive. Request blueberry or strawberry syrup - made with fresh fruit - light and yummy.

          Queen City Bakery has breakfast quiches and baked goods. FANTASTIC coffee and everything is made with local, sustainable products. It's near 8th and Railroad Center downtown in a building off 8th street that looks like a miniature Flatiron building from NYC. It's across from the Union Gospel Mission.

          SUNDAY BRUNCH is fantastic at: Carnival, Spezia and Granite City - in that order. And I mean, food coma awaits you.


          RedRosssa - Great brick oven pizza. Gelato is merely okay. They don't make it. On the West Side on Western Avenue.

          Nucci's - East side Western Avenue - same shopping center as Bracco. Go there for the Gelato made from scratch by Mama Nucci

          Scooter's - Same shopping center as Bracco. Get a Turtle Latte (Fat Free available). It is really a treat. They also have curiously amazing Chicken Salad Sandwhiches on fresh baked bread for the road trip home.

          Sai Gon Panda - 26th Street - Vietnamese Menu #VN9 is terrifica - Rice vermecelli, shredded lettuce and vegetables, topped with lemon-grass chicken. Add a springroll to the top for an extra treat.

          Wild Flour Bakery - Main Street Sioux Falls - Their Roast Beef Sandwich on Fresh-baked whole grain batard is truly yummy. They have excellent baked goods - including the a "K" bar, which are a big specialty in this town - get one to go for the road trip.

          De Hoek - Main Street SIoux Falls gift shop/tea house. The owner is Dutch and she makes her own homemade dutch almond pastry and sells gourmet teas. Get a Dutch "S" and a Roibos tea. Delicious!

          Happy Tripping! Let me know how it goes!

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          1. re: Livepath

            Thank you for all your recommendations. I guess I should have come back on here and said that we had went and came home. LOL.

            Some of your suggestions though were good ones as we did go to some of the places.

            Our first day we went to the Orginal Pancake House for breakfast and it was AWESOME. I had the pineapple pancakes with tropical syrup and my sister had the pecan pancakes. We were so excited that we actually went here the second morning. LOL. That morning I had the pancake, sausage and eggs...OMG it was so yummy I wish we had one of these here. My sister had the chocolate chip pancakes that were so filled that she did not even desire the chocolate sauce they give you with it. Our third morning we decided to leave for home early so we did not stop for breakfast until we got part way home.

            For our first lunch we went to Bracco. The food was good, but a little high priced. I had a pasta dish with capers and salmon in a lemon cream sauce. It was really good, but I questioned the prices for the portion. The drinks looked AWESOME and were pretty reasonably priced. They told us that it was a pretty kicken place at night. My sister ate the flatbread chicken pizza. She thought it was definatly overpriced for the size, but said that it was pretty good.

            For dinner one night we went to a place not too far from our hotel. For the life of me i can not remember the name of it, but they were known for having the only frozen drink bar in South Dakota. There were two locations but the food was not that great and the drinks kinda sucked. Prices were good, which wish the food would have been better.

            On Saturday (second day) we went to the Mall and spent most of our day there. There was a huge cake decorating contest going on that was really fun to watch. So while we were there we just did lunch in the food court. For dinner we did venture out to RedRosa because of the recommendations we had gotten. The food was good...but I definatly would not say it is the best I have had.

            Overall we were pretty disappointed with our decisions. i so wish i would have had your reccomendations before we went.

            one GREAT thing we did find was the Breadsmith Bakery. They make different breads each day along with a list of everyday ones. We brought several loafs home and OMG they were awesome. I even made their rasin into a bread pudding that was so yummy..

            We had a good time on our trip, just wish we would have done a little different for food.

            Thanks for all the help.

            1. re: vmarker

              Sounds like you went to Nutty's for the frozen drinks. That was a very popular college bar when I went is was in SF 6 years ago. I didn't even know they served food, I always drank and ate the peanuts!! Good memories!

              And Breadsmith is amazing! I always had to bring several loaves home for my parents and grandma on the way out of town.

              1. re: pollymerase

                Yep, that is the name. Nutty's. We went to the one near the mall. The food was okay. Frozen Drinks SUCKED!!. LOL. They were really pretty awesome. But the prices were good so i can see why it was a great place for college people.

                I want a Breadsmith so bad here at home. I could nto believe how amazing their bread was.

            2. re: Livepath

              Interesting about Scooter's chicken salad sandwich. I live in Omaha where Scooters originated and none of ours (that i'm aware of) serve any food other than pastries.

            3. I did not have a good experience at "K"


              However, due to this experience, I cannot report on the food.


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              1. re: jianji

                just want to chime and say thank you for the sanaa's recommendation. this place was an oasis in the land of mediocre family-style restaurants and steak on my cross country (CA to boston) epic road trip. truthfully sanaa's is just a solid run of the mill middle eastern place (it's perfectly nice, but i can think of dozens of similarly good middle eastern places in nyc), but it is a gem when you are craving light, healthy summer fare in the middle of the steak states. thank you!