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Mar 8, 2009 11:23 PM

midmorning spot in downtown Santa Monica?

Need to find a convenient place to have a meeting/meal in downtown Santa Monica tomorrow, where we can spread out, linger and eat either breakfast or lunch items that are good enough, if not great, and reasonably priced. (Basically, a background restaurant, not a foreground experience!) The equivalent of Hugo's in North Hollywood. Any advice?

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  1. Jinky's would be a good spot to linger.

    So would Jack'n'Jill's and a tad nicer than Jinky's.

    A little more expensive and "chainier" is Il Fornaio on Ocean - humongous chewy bran muffins :)

    If for some reason you want to venture up Wilshire, I'd also suggest Bread and Porridge or Snug Harbor.

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      There is something to like about Snug Harbor. It may be the retro vibe, the food is always good and the place is always full.. However, I would not consided it a place to hang out and linger, let alone spread out ( ever eat at the small tables to the left of the door while entering?)

    2. More along the lines of Hugo's might be Urth Caffe in Santa Monica. They have health oriented choices and it's definitely low key. The location is not "downtown" but just a few minutes away.

      Urth Caffe
      2327 Main St - (between Strand St & Hollister Ave)
      Santa Monica 90405

      1. 17th street cafe on Montana has good breakfast and lunch choices, Fromans on Wilshire , The Rose Cafe , Marmalade on Montana Ave, Three Squares on Abbott Kinney Blue Plate on Montana Ave , Cafe Dana on Montana Ave. Most of these places have easy parking and really good food.

        1. I would suggest Pacific Dining Car.

          They are very accomodating to those who want to linger and conduct business. While prices may not necessarily be in the traditional "reasonable" range, you can certainly get by with around $15/person if you order light.