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oversalted yellow rice and chicken -- help me "rescue" it

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i salted my chicken while cooking it in water to make broth, which i would then use to make a yellow rice faux-paella. i was using mahatma yellow rice, which is *already* seasoned. doh!

now, i have salty yellow rice with chicken, smoked sausage chunks, bell peppers, olives, capers and saffron.

how would you rescue this?

a frittata where i don't add salt to the eggs?
a soup with low-sodium broth or water?
a casserole with bread crumbs, eggs?
mix with unseasoned potatoes of some sort?

i am NOT gonna give this to the raccoons. they've been eating too well around here. ;-).

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  1. Salvage the chicken and smoked sausage and make gumbo.

    1. How about adding more rice? This time making rice with water ...

      1. Not sure if it is too oversalted for this to work, but squeezing lime juice over does help. When I have curries and the like which are oversalted, I add vinegar which neutralises the salt.
        I'd try adding more rice as suggested by ipsedixit, and squeezing lime juice over and mixing it in.


        1. Sometimes adding some cream can help to save an overly salty dish. You could try adding it to a small portion and simmering for a few minutes. If it works, bake the rest with bread crumbs on top.

          1. I might fold in some defrosted frozen chopped spinach (or sauteed fresh spinach, chopped, but I'm not sure it would offer much besides extra cost). It should incorporate well into the mixture and add some extra vitamins. :) Good luck!

            1. Inasmuch as the only way to "reduce" salt in a solution is to dilute it somehow, any of the ideas you listed will help. All you need to do is remember that the salt you currently have in your dish is a factor of percentage. If you have, for example, 50% salt in solution and double the amount of other ingredients without adding more salt you end up with 25% salt in solution. But the ratio of other seasonings will also be affected. Adding more rice which is cooked in water without additional salt will reduce the overall saltiness of the dish but it will also dilute the affect of the other seasonings so you may have to adjust those to maintain the overall flavor balance. But your sausage, olives, and capers all have salt in them so when you increase them you defeat a certain amount of your saltiness reduction effort. Simply adding ingredients like vinegar or cream can help to mask the saltiness but they also mask the other flavors. Once you have too much salt in a dish there is not way to remove it from solution short of drying everything out and scraping the dried salt particles off of the other dried ingredients.