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Mar 8, 2009 09:51 PM

"American" ingredients in Santiago?

Hello all- We're headed to Santiago for a few days this month, and I am going to be staying with family. My parents, who usually live in the US, have an apartment down there and will be with us. We will be entertaining my extended Chilean family, and I wanted to make one of my mom's southern specialties for the 'coctel' party we'll have. Anyone know where I can get cheddar cheese in Santiago? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Check out Jumbo

    I used to go there for all kinds of food from the US. Their beer selection was one of the best I found in Santiago.

    1. there are a few big supermarkets in santiago the one that was closest 2 me was the "lider" and it seemed 2 have a pretty big selection of cheese fresh and packaged...although i cant really say i was looking for chedder, i was pretty busy tasting all the local foods :-) but the "jumbo" also seems like a good idea good luck!!!

      1. Hi there!
        Welcome to Chile! As a long time expat, we still miss tangy Vermont cheddar! You can get Cheddar Cheese, the good stuff, imported from Australia at Jumbo in Alto Las Condes Mall or on Bilbao (Bilbao metro). Jumbo stocks tons of US products, even double strength baking powder. Let me know if there's anything else. I am writing a foodie guide to Santiago (to launch in August) so I have scoured the city for just about anything imaginable--well, Pecans are a hard one! You can check it out on our website and blog, Saludos.