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Mar 8, 2009 09:46 PM


Looking for a lively dining experience with great food.

Likes: Diverse menus with a good mix of meat & seafood entrees. Strong appetizers, often in place of entrees if they are good enough. Good wines by the glass & bottle.

Good experiences at: Luques, Animal, Tasca, Wilson, Jiraffe, Hungry Cat

Did not enjoy: Fraiche, AOC, Providence, Melisse, Beacon

Thanks for the tips.

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    1. Sorry to add to the confusion - I always enjoy Josie. (1 to 1 tie so far!)

      1. Josie ranks in the top three of my favorite restaurants in LA. The service is spot-on and the food is amazing.

        You mentioned that you want "a lively dining experience" and I don't think of Josie in that way. To me, it's more romantic, slightly formal and mellow.

        I'm also a huge fan of Hatfield's. Creative menu and definitely more "lively" than Josie so that's my rec.

        1. Perhaps you could provide some more information -- A bit strange that you would like Lucques but dislike AOC -- same owner/chef. Did you order a la carte or tasting menu at Providence and Melisse? Was it the food or portions or prices that disappointed? Have you tried/do you like Spago, Campanile, Wilshire, Rustic Canyon, or even Nook?

          1. by your terms, i'd suggest hatfields.
            that said. i love josie too.

            i understand liking lucques over a.o.c.
            its my opinion that lucques is far better too.

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            1. re: modernist

              i also like lucques much better than a.o.c.