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Mar 8, 2009 09:23 PM

Berkeley Gluten free and dairy free dining options?

Two old friends both just returned to Bay area. Because of logistics we would love to find some options for various meals in and around Berkeley. One of us is quite a carnivore- and one of us has to have both gluten free and dairy free options-although he is open to eating fish and poultry. Any recommendations from causal breakfast through all the other obvious meal choices would be much appreciated.

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  1. I am not from the East Bay, but wondering if there dairy means low/no lactose (e.g. some butter/ghee OK, but no milk, cheese, cream, etc), or if it is strict nothing that comes from milk.

    If the latter check out the vegan places - I have had luck eating GF at vegan places. I have eaten at Cafe Gratitude there (raw Vegan) and enjoyed it. Indian works if Ghee is OK or some south Indian places use coconut oil instead. Thai food - check soy sauce. Chez Panisse did the gluten-free fine. Most restaurants I find deal very well with allergies. Just call ahead and ask.

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      Hi, Thanks. I should have been clearer. No dairy really means no butter/ghee or any traces so vegan it has to be. Thanks.

    2. For casual but reasonably good and inexpensive food, Razan's kitchen in downtown Berkeley will do a good job by all of these requirements. You may also have success at many Mexican restauraunts.

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