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Bliss & Co. Cupcakes Calgary

What started out as a hunt for coconut cocktail buns last week turned into the discovery of a new cupcake shop in Chinatown. Bliss & Co. Cupcakes and Desserts is downstairs at 108 - 3rd Ave. SW, just a bit west off of Center St. on the North side of 3rd Avenue.

We were looking for dessert for a potluck, and picked up a couple dozen in various flavors and they were definitely a hit. There were the usual chocolate and vanilla ones, with a variety of buttercream or creamcheese icings, but the other flavours really stood out. The coconut ones had coconut in the cake and the lemon one had a lemon cake. There was also a carrot cake cupcake, and a chocolate with orange icing that tasted like a creamsicle. They were all very moist as well.

Their price list also includes pies, cakes, and creampuffs made to order with 48 hours notice. The owners were both very friendly, and took the time to explain their various options. I think we'll try a chocolate cake with a caramel mousse filling for a staff birthday at the end of the month.

Just after we got Crave cupcakes in the deep south, I think we're back to going downtown again for Bliss.

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  1. Thanks for the tip!

    Of note on the cupcake tip- Buttercream Bake Shop is taking over the fomer Eifel Tower space fronting 17th (as many of you know, they used to have the side spot where Decadent Deserts was).

    1. A co-worker just brought back a warm apple danish from Bliss & Co for me--it is wonderful! Abundant apples in the not-too-sweet filling and a flaky, light pastry. I'll be visiting again to try the cupcakes. It's nice to have a another cupcake shop in Calgary (I'm not a big fan of Crave or Buttercream).

      The website is blisscupcakes.com according to the business card, but the website doesn't seem to be up yet. In the meantime, here is a scan of the cake and pie menu.

      1. So, it's in the heart of Chinatown? Not a Chinese bakery I gather either?

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          Yep - in the heart of Chinatown. Just to the west of U & Me down some steps - the sign looks very contemporary as compared to every other sign.

          The pies are amazing, especially the apple/caramel and cherry, which were still warm from the oven. I like to say I sampled the cupcakes, but they all got inhaled by my kids and some moms from my wife's mom group before I got a nibble... sigh...

          The owners are really nice, and are youngish Asian ladies, but that's about the only Chinese thing about the bakery. They are actually from Edmonton (don't hold that against them). When I was there, they were steeping some mint for a special St. Paddies day cupcake...

          This is dangerous - it might be a frequent stop for me..

        2. Do you know what their hours of operation are like? (open evenings/weekends?)
          Also, do they bake fresh throughout the day?

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            aktivistin has the brochure in his post (hopefully your eyes are good), but I think they are open 10-4 everyday except Sunday (might be 6 PM on weekdays).

            They bake fresh throughout the day - nothing like a warm pie...

            1. re: ybnormal

              The small print on the bottom left of the brochure reads 10:00am - 4:00pm Mon - Sat. To place your order or for inquiries: blissandco@gmail.com phone: 281-8821 48hrs notice for cakes, cream puffs and pies, 24 hours notice for more than 24 cupcakes.

              Oh, and I don't have great eyesight...I'd be blind without my lenses... I just saved and enlarged the image in my digital camera's browser :)

            2. re: Samin

              I went by today to score a dozen mini-cupcakes. Served by/talked to Justina (Marketing) and she said they trying to see what (retail) hours worked best. They have been getting busy as noon approached rather than at their 10AM opening.

              So their new retail hours are
              Mon-Fri 11:00AM-4:30PM
              Sat 12PM-4PM
              Office hours Mon-Sat 8:30AM-5PM

            3. Tried the (mini-)cupcakes. They are fluffy and moist (but not too moist like a mix cake) and full of flavour. The icing is more butter-y than sugary, which is how I like it. Not as sweet as Crave and, to me, that's a good thing. I haven't tried a full cupcake, so one big one might be too much, but the mini-cupcakes are ace in my book.

              1. I had some business near Chinatown so I popped by Bliss.
                The little tarts/pies were just out of the oven but I was on a mission. Got an assorted package of six cupcakes and had a nice little chat with one of the proprietors. Her sister was finishing up a batch of mini-cupcakes for the other customer in the store.
                I tried the pink buttercream(?) one - moist cupcake, icing is just the right touch for my sweet tooth. The rest got given away but everyone agreed these are very good cupcakes.

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                  I ordered these for work on Friday and everyone really liked them. We normally order from Crave, but it seemed like Bliss were a bit easier to deal with. I would definitly order from them again.

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                    PS I mentioned that I found out about them via Chowhound - it seems that many people are learning of them here.

                  2. Wowzaz...stopped in today to check out their cupcakes in prep for my birthday weekend...LOVED them! I went in for a mini, but as they were already sold out, I came out with two regular-sized cupcakes...one of them graciously given to me for free! (Thanks ladies!!) There weren't many flavours left to choose from so I went with the basics...chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream (typically my favorite) and vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Mmmmmm! Their icing has the ability to rank them higher than Crave's...it's soft, light and deliciously buttery, which paired perfectly with the not-too-sweet, airy and moist cake.

                    I can't wait to try the Island Dream (coconut in both the cake and the icing), carrot, red devil and mexican chocolate flavours....can't wait until Saturday!

                    Go there!

                    1. Found my way to Bliss today about 2ish and their pies were nearly sold out but I managed to snag a small apple caramel, peach-mango and berry and instantly fell head over heels. Beautiful flaky pastry - tasty not-too-sweet fillings. Ah-mazing!

                      I have guests coming for lunch tomorrow so I also picked up a bunch of their mini cupcakes - red velvet (or what she called red devil?), carrot, lemon, chocolate flip and chocolate orange. I am excited to try them, particularly the chocolate orange(my fave treat as a kid was a creamsicle). I'll report back tomorrow. :)

                      1. Thanks for the tip... What are the prices like compared to Crave? (I think Crave charges $16.95 for a dozen minis or six full-sized ones)

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                        1. re: alau2

                          Bliss is slightly less - squint at the chart supplied by aktivistin above.

                          Crave (1/6/12) $2.95/16.95/31.95
                          Bliss (1/6/12) $2.75/$16/$30

                          Crave (1/6/12) $1.75/$9.95/$16.95
                          Bliss (1/12) $1.65/$16

                          1. re: cancowboy

                            DOH. I missed that. My apologies. Thanks!

                            1. re: alau2

                              No problem. I had no idea how the prices compared anyhow. My one and only experience with Crave was on someone else's dime.

                        2. Just a follow-up from my original post. We did order a birthday cake from Bliss, and it was wonderful. It was a 10" chocolate cake, with a caramel mousse filling between the two layers, and chocolate frosting. The cake was very moist with great chocolate flavour, and the lighter caramel mousse layer in the middle was a nice contrast. Everyone really enjoyed the cake, with some talking about ordering from Bliss for upcoming family birthdays.

                          The advance order process was very smooth. We had discussed some of the options when we were in the store a few weeks ago, but placed the order via email. The owners were very accommodating (we had to change the date), and the delivery to our office downtown made it all very simple.

                          We've been back since for cupcakes, and still plan to try the pies too. The owners are always very easy to talk to, and have an obvious passion for their products and their customers, which sometimes seems all too rare these days.

                          1. They open at 11 not 10 as posted. I was there yesterday and she let me in even though it was 1045. The cupcakes are as good as promised. The only problem was that it was too early for the coconut ones but I'm sure to be back.

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                            1. re: sharonanne

                              Their menus are wrong then, because mine says 10:00am ...glad they accomodated you though. We'll be going back too for more carrot cupcakes and to try the coconut ones :)

                              1. re: maplesugar

                                I saw that. There was nothing about their hours on their door or the sandwich board either, maybe they're still adjusting things. Just don't go too early hoping for a coconut cupcake!

                            2. Ordered up a 8" chocolate cake with caramel buttercream filling and chocolate icing for the hubby's birthday party tomorrow. Sylvia (I think) was very nice & very helpful on the phone. The party is tomorrow & they were able to accomodate my order with less than 24 hours turnaround. They are open from noon to 4 on Saturdays (which deviates from the times on their menu). I'll post & let you know how it tastes.

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                              1. re: Merry113

                                Oh my God- I saw your cake! I went today and had a very good choco (dense and rich) cupcake with orange icing and the owner showed the a cakes to be picked up today and one was exactly what you described- lucky you! Luckier hubby!

                                1. re: John Manzo

                                  It was OMG good! My MIL has NEVER ordered a cake b/c she makes such great scratch cakes & even she RAVED about it. She even had a second helping. It was THAT good. Everyone must go there & try something. The owners are so very nice & will bend over backwards to make you happy. I tried a lemon mini cupcake when I was there to pick up my cake and it was amazing. So lemony that I still had lemon taste in my mouth as we got onto Deerfoot. We will definitely be back!

                              2. Excellent recommendation. I'm a huge cupcake fan so I had to try this place out. I got a dozen assorted cupcakes today to take home to to the 'bridge for an early Easter dinner dessert. As soon as I got home I broke into the lemon and fell in love. I'm now trying to stop myself from going back for another. One of the best things about the place is the owners - super friendly and warm. I'm already hooked!

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                                1. re: Jigga

                                  I'm glad I picked up the minis, because you're right it's hard to stop at one! :)

                                2. Yes, thanks for the heads up on this little gem of a bakery folks!

                                  I am personally addicted to the ones with the coconut icing, I forget quite what they are called!

                                  The girls down there are so friendly to boot.

                                  I certainly will be serving a little bit of Bliss to all my corporate meetings.

                                  I wonder if they cater for larger events? Does anyone know?


                                  1. went yesterday, just as they were opening... pretty much echoing what everyone else has said... definitely not your average cupcake! had the coconut cupcake and the lemon... the topping definitely distinguishes their cupcakes from crave, which i find far too sweet when you get through them half-way... will definitely have more... now to find an excuse to go downtown...

                                    didn't buy the pies as i was double-parked (woops!), but i would've waited 15 minutes for them to come out if i parked properly, since the owners are so friendly :) i believe they do corporate (heck, why not? their location is a stone's throw away from the office buildings of downtown calgary)

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                                    1. re: MeXx

                                      Thanks for all of the great info. This place is great. I've gone a couple of times to buy assorted mini cupcakes because I can't make up my mind as to which cupcakes are the best!! A few of my Bliss favorites are: caramel topping; red velvet (very velvety and chocolately); and yes the coconut one is to die for!!

                                      I have tried Craves a few times (kensington and willowpark location), they are pretty good but their service is less than desired. Staff have an attitude!!!

                                      I'll be going back to Bliss this week to try some of their pies. Stay tuned!!!

                                    2. Thought I would post a pic of the best cake EVER. Okay, I have to make the pic smaller & then repost. Doh!

                                      1. One more try at posting the picture. Sorry!

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                                        1. re: Merry113

                                          and u have one of the best universal remotes ever in that photo too :)

                                          1. re: MeXx

                                            lol I had to look at the pic twice to see anything other than that gorgeous cake! :)

                                          2. re: Merry113

                                            that is a great photo... thks for posting

                                          3. Okay, you all have me seriously drooling now. I'll have to try to get there soon. Where is a good place nearby to park not costing an arm and a leg?

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                                            1. re: Jasz

                                              They're open Saturdays, with ample free/cheap parking in and around the core.

                                              1. re: John Manzo

                                                They are going to be closed April 11-13 for Easter. Was just there to pick up mini's mm mm mmm

                                                1. re: chewy_bakah

                                                  Actually, they are doing pick-up orders only on April 11th (Sat) - just no retail. Still not too late to put in an order for then... Ordering a cake for my daughter's birthday...

                                              2. re: Jasz

                                                I got street parking (Park Plus) when I went...about 1/2 block west of Bliss on the south side... cost maybe $1.50? I forget exactly but it was under $2. I could have put less time on the meter too. HTH :)

                                                1. re: Jasz

                                                  can park across the street from them, southside of 3rd... 20 minute parking free...

                                                  1. re: MeXx

                                                    I have to look more carefully next time I'm there because all I could find on the streets around there was the Park Plus system that maplesugar mentions. I ended up on the south side of 3rd and jaywalked across the street but I paid.

                                                2. I forgot that I grabbed a new menu, too. Here's a scan. It has the updated hours on it. Ok, forget it. I HATE trying to add photos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Email me if you want the updated menu.

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                                                  1. re: Merry113

                                                    I think I've found my new favourite cupcake place in Calgary. I've been there three times in the last month, and each time the service was exceptional -- both of the ladies who run the place are amazingly friendly, chatty, and more than willing to talk about their baking and cupcakes! But it's more than that -- their products are actually GOOD, and their cake tastes fantastic (i.e., not even close to that oily, overly moist cake-mix stuff that the rest of the competition around here seems to be using...). Their baking has a wonderful home-made quality to it. So far, I've tried their mango-peach pie (lovely, kind of reminded me of a galette), and a pretty random selection of cupcakes (red devil, classic vanilla, carrot, vanilla flip, strawberry, lemon, caramel). I'm so impressed with their cake. It's extremely rich -- the chocolate cake in particular tastes like homemade devil's food cake -- moist, and a bit crumbly, and it has wonderful flavour. While I wasn't a fan of the lemon frosting, the lemon cake itself was delicious, brightly citrusy and full of zest (literally). The vanilla cake reminds me of a buttermilk-based cake: it has that nice, full tang beneath the vanilla flavour. Their cakes were also baked to perfection -- not underbaked and sticky, and not overbaked and crusty -- just right. I agree with what everyone has been saying about the icing/frosting: even though it's an icing-sugar based buttercream (no shortening), it seems a lot less sweet than Crave's and Buttercream Bakeshoppe's. Rather than overpowering the cake with sweetness (and leaving that awful too-sweet sensation on the tongue) it matches perfectly, letting the flavour of the cake come through. The caramel cupcake is a great example of this -- and my personal favourite -- incredibly rich and tender-crumbed chocolate cake, a swirl of lightly caramel-flavoured buttercream, and then a drizzle of caramel. Tastes kind of like a Skor bar or an exceptional piece of English toffee. I will definitely be going back to Bliss again and again! (So long, waistline!)

                                                  2. Stopped in yesterday to pick up some cupcakes (just about tried them all now I think), and they had a flourless chocolate cake order waiting to be picked up. The cake looked great -- if the person that ordered it follows the board please post an update, otherwise we'll have to soon find a new occassion to celebrate.

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                                                    1. re: truthserum

                                                      We ordered a flourless chocolate cake for last weekend, and it too was fabulous. It was a 10" cake, which served about 16 people with about a quarter of it left. It was just cool enough for icing when we picked it up in the afternoon, and was a huge hit with the chocolate fans in the group. We got to experiment a bit with the leftovers, and the texture varies between brownie/chocolate custard/molten depending on serving temperature (chilled, room temp, heated). It was incredibly rich so small wedges were perfect for serving. They mentioned that the 10" had almost 2.5 pounds of chocolate in it!

                                                      Also remembered a pic of a previous coconut cream pie, and our favorite, the chocolate cup cakes with coconut icing.

                                                    2. I will be visiting Calgary next weekend and would love to stop by this little place for a cupcake and pie, perhaps! However, I'm staying in a hotel and was wondering if there were tables and chairs for me to enjoy these sweets right then and there?


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                                                      1. re: alleycat81

                                                        Unfortunately no, but there is a park not far away at Centre St between 4th and 5th Ave SW, James Short Park.
                                                        Bliss is also not far from Eau Claire, where you grab a coffee, and eat either inside or outside.

                                                        1. re: alleycat81

                                                          Eau Claire is a great suggestion! And if the weather's decent, just walk a little further north of Eau Claire to Prince's Island Park.

                                                          Another option is to go down to Art Central, on the NW corner of 7th Ave and Centre St. where you'll find DeVille Cafe, one of the best coffee shops in Calgary. It should only take a few minutes to get there - just head due south on Centre St. from Bliss. It's probably a little rude to eat your muffins in the actual cafe, but fortunately, Art Central has other tables you can use including those in the basement level right by the Koi pond.

                                                          1. re: alleycat81

                                                            Bliss does have one table and a couple of chairs. We had stopped in for cupcakes once and ended up staying for a few minutes to try a warm mini fruit pie that was cooling on the rack. I don't think they had plates or utensils at the time, but if you're willing to take the finger food approach it can work in a pinch.

                                                          2. More love for Bliss & Co. Brother's girlfriend and her co-workers went this week and loved it. Spotted some mini cupcakes at my friend's house that his sister had brought home and my ill-informed friend asked me if they were better than Crave? I answered back with a laugh, and told him to try for himself lol.

                                                            1. I was back at Bliss AGAIN last week and one of the owners told me that they are nut free, which I don't think was mentioned here and I wasn't aware of. I hadn't seen it on any of their signage either. She said that an article was run about them being nut free and their business boomed! Yay for the Bliss women!

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                                                              1. re: Beachy1

                                                                That's something Bliss needs to advertise it's great selling point for parents bringing in birthday treats to school. In fact they should send out a PSA to the schools, including the preschools - Edelweiss for instance (where DD went last year) has banned home baking from the traditional birthday celebrations at the school because of nut allergies.
                                                                I only know of one other nutfree(also Kosher and dairy free) bakery in town down in the SW called Barel's Bakery and Nosh.

                                                                1. re: Beachy1

                                                                  Have you tried their ganache-dipped cream puffs with a vanilla-raspberry filling?

                                                                  All I can say is...wow!

                                                                2. BLISS is PEANUT FREE!!! Seriously, tell everyone you know, even if you don't have a personal friend/family member with a peanut allergy this is great news: a bakery that is safe for little ones to indulge in a cupcake. The staff is lovely and on a recent visit our kids had a great time and were able to (safely) indulge in a cupcake each... can't thank BLISS enough for going peanut free... spread the word, finally safe cupcakes for those with PA.

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                                                                  1. re: annieinab

                                                                    Yes Annie I think that's excellent Bliss is peanut free; so is Barel's Bakery & Nosh in the SW btw. I see you're relatively new around here. Welcome to the Western Canada Board! :)

                                                                    1. re: annieinab

                                                                      You have just made my day....woohoo!
                                                                      My three year old has a severe peanut allergy and I am so excited he gets to have these at his birthday party!
                                                                      Not to be rude, but I have tried most nut free bakeries in town and their cupcakes were mediocre at best!

                                                                      1. re: teapot

                                                                        Yea!!!! That is so awesome! You will not be disappointed. You have to try the caramel bliss (chocolate with caramel icing) and the coconut. Great service + great product = AWESOME!

                                                                    2. is this place still open? I ordered a cake via email 2 days ago and left a voice mail today but have not heard back from anyone.

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                                                                      1. re: mimiglee

                                                                        I dunno but considering most of the city is paralyzed, possibly not. :( Although I don't think they open until noon on Saturday so you might want to try back later.

                                                                      2. Just wanted to let everyone know: Bliss has a special Christmas menu up on their facebook page. From now until December 23rd, they're doing various Christmas cupcake flavours, cookie assortments (shortbread, gingerbread, macaroons [not macarons], and so on), and special orders, such as cream puff rings, buche de noels, and croquembouche towers. I haven't had a change to get down there yet, but there's a recent comment over at ugonnaeatthat.com which raves about the new Christmas selection.

                                                                        1. Does anyone have an update on bliss & co? Do they have other sweets, ganache,cream puffs,and so on. I think they were mentioned somewhere but not commented on. I am from out of town and really want to try the desserts from them. I plan to phone ahead to place an order so would like to know all I can.

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                                                                          1. re: aycee

                                                                            Here's a link to their website
                                                                            Menu: http://www.blisscupcakes.com/uploads/...

                                                                            The website may lag behind their current offerings (since it is still Easter on the main page) but at least you can get a taste (LOL!) of what may be available.

                                                                            1. re: aycee

                                                                              It's not really French patisserie-style place. In addition to their (very delicious) cupcakes (Island Dream and Chocolate Bliss are my favourites), they have excellent pies which are like mini galettes. I think they also have macaroons and brownies.

                                                                              If you're looking for a patisserie in Calgary, I suggest Yann Haute Patisserie and Eclair de Lune. The latter is not as convenient if you don't have a car, as it is out of downtown in a residential area.

                                                                              Yann Haute Patisserie
                                                                              329 23 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0J3, CA

                                                                              Eclair de Lune
                                                                              1049 40 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2K 0G2, CA

                                                                              1. re: aktivistin

                                                                                Just picked up an order today from Bliss and they said they are opening up a second location in August in Chinook Center!