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Mar 8, 2009 08:36 PM

Moules frites?

I know they have them at Enoteca -- anywhere else in Austin have good moules frites?

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  1. Vino Vino - excellent and quite authentic.

    1. Second Vino Vino - very good. Fino does a nice version as does La Traviata, but I think you have to get their parm fries as a side item if I'm remembering correctly.

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        Just for effect: Vino Vino. Moules frites is my favorite all time dish, and their version in exemplary.

      2. Olivia's, on S. Lamar. I've had this a couple times and always very tasty. Bonus: if you eat at the bar on Sundays or Mondays, chances are they are on the menu and 30% off!

        1. Peche has moules frites for appetizer (awesome frites w/ your choice of aioli), but I think the moules disappointed.

          I think the best way to have mussels is homemade. It's really easy and you can be creative with your ingredients. Here's a link to my recipe: