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Luigi's Pizza--Golden Hill, Avoid

Decided to give Luigi's Pizza in Golden Hill another shot, after having avoided it for a year and after finding a place that serves better pizza downtown, Basic Urban Bar. Sorry to say that it will be a cold day in hell before I return. The slices have gotten smaller (3 bites and you're done) and the night I attended they ran out of pizza at 7:45PM on a Sunday evening and I was told it would be awhile before any would be available. I recall why I stopped going here in the first place and it was because the owner, Luigi, is hardly ever there anymore and leaves the place to be run by a very inexperienced, inconsistent young staff. You're taking your chances when Luigi is NOT there, which according to another person in line, is 95% of the time.....sorry, but if I want better pizza I'll either go to Basic or cross the Coronado bridge and go to Il Fornaio.

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  1. You haven't given me any reason to avoid it. In fact, I eat there all the time and have no idea what on earth you're talking about.

    1. Hmmm I have been twice in the last month and didn't experience any of your issues. I just wish there was some beer I really like,haha

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        I guess it's good that Hamilton's is so close then

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          Ate there recently because people said it was better than Bronx.

          I liked Luigis. Possibly on par with Bronx. Certainly not better.

          With Bronx delivery to my house, I am going to stay in the Bronx Camp.

          Ciro's is terrible.

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            Bronx is my local pizzeria and I'm so stoked that they deliver. And take credit cards!

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              since when has Bronx started taking credit cards? they used to only be cash

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                I think its attached only to their delivery service. But hand on the Bible, I paid for my pizza with a credit card.

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                  I think it is new since the delivery thing.

                  I also heard their biz has doubled.

          2. I haven't noticed the slices getting smaller but I haven't been in a few weeks so maybe things have changed? Either way, I'm sure the pies are still the same size, so just eat 2 slices instead of 1 now. I've never noticed a dip in quality either; I actually feel like it's gotten better.

            1. We were just there last night and they were slammed so our pizza was a few minutes longer of a wait than usual, but it was cooked perfectly/

              1. I've never had anything but delicious pizza, great beer and friendly service at Luigi's. Among the best pizza in town, IMO.

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                  Too many other places with better service. If you pride your establishment on selling slices, you should have slices available at all times--not talking about limited selection, talking about A slice of which there were NONE on a Sunday evening at 7:45PM--not exactly 3 in the morning.

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                    The place has been slammed since being featured on Food Network. You don't know what happened in the kitchen that day. Just because the one day you went in three years they had this issue doesn't make it a consistent problem.

                2. Did they change the size of their pizza pans? Also, you didn't comment on the quality and taste of the dough, sauce or cheese etc.

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                    Comment: just as good or better pizza at Basic or Il Fornaio. Yet to go there and have them out of stock or too swamped. Thanks.

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                      Comment 2: NOT the first time I've had issues with the service there (thanks for tyring to put your words in my mouth)...when Luigi is present, the quality is consistent and good. Unfortunately, he is not there that often anymore and you take your chances, as I did and have.

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                        No trying to put words in your mouth but, Josh makes a good point about being on FN, they may have grossly underestimated what the publicity may have stirred up and not have ordered inventory and prepped properly. Let him know about your experience.

                  2. Had takeout from Luigi's last night (long weekend in the mountains, too tired to cook). Found the pizza to be as good as always, and they seemed to be the same size for the same price. Service has always been a little salty to begin with but it actually seemed like they improved somewhat last night.


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                      I don't take comments made by disgruntled customers all that seriously, especially when they rarely patronize the business they're criticizing. I don't doubt El Chevere's experience - when Luigi's is slammed, the service suffers because there's a finite amount of pizza that kitchen can turn out. But it seems a little much to urge people to stop patronizing a place based on one experience after a year of not going.

                      I ordered delivery from there one night when they were busy, and it took an hour longer to get my pizza than they said when I called. Kind of annoying, but in the grand scheme of things not that big a deal. If they were expensive, maybe that would bother me.

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                        I don't take comments from people who couldn't distinguish good food if it bit them in the nose too seriosuly, either. I had been a frequent customer for years but have since moved on, My recent visit was to see if anything had changed--and it had not. As for waiting an hour longer than usual to receive pizza (so you waited, what, an hour and a half to receive it???)--that's up to you. You have far greater patience and lower standards than I do.

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                          I for one am happy that there will be one less person in line.

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                            I think they nail NY-style thin crust pizza really well. Basic isn't NY-style, nor is Il Fornaio, so I'm not at all sure how you can compare them. Ciro's, Bronx, and Luigi are all doing NY-style thin crust pizza, and that's your apples-to-apples comparison.

                      2. I don't know where Golden Hill is but I know where downtown is, that is if you are talking Los Angeles downtown but I want to say I had a similar experience as you at another pizza place. It was the late '80s thru the early '90s that there was a pizza place by East Los Angeles City College that sold pizza by the slice to college kids and whoever else was around that area. I am not sure if they sold whole pizzas or just by the slice. Well I was alone and did not want to have a whole pizza so I ordered a slice. They would have a whole pizza and take pieces out and put it thru this oven that had a conveyor belt to warm it up. Well I ordered the pizza slice and it took them like 15 minutes to get me my pizza. No they were not cooking up a new pizza. They had one there that they took it from. They took the pizza and placed it thru the oven but man it took them a long time to actually get to my order. That made me mad. The pizza was like $2.75 a slice and was very small. $2.75 for about 20 years ago was expensive. Not only was the pizza small it didn't taste so special and might have been setting around for awhile as well. Also the owners, a man and wife were horrible. They had a bad attitude and had little respect for their customers. The establishment maybe lasted about 5 years. I guess people got wind of it and did not want to go there anymore. I'm surprised it lasted that long. I went twice, once with my dad and the first time by myself. I should never had brought my dad there but the second time was enough. I never went back to that place.

                        I'm with you, don't go back to that Luigi's Pizza if it's that bad. There are too many good easting establishments to go to rather than bad ones.

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                          This is about San Diego - Los Angeles is covered on a different board.

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                            really. LA doesn't have one decent pizza place for 10x the size of SD. At least SD has two or three (depending on whether you agree that bronx and Lefty's are in league).

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                              Ah, Mozza is worth it for me to take a ride up.

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                                Pizzeria Mozza beats easily any kind of pizza I have eaten so far in SD. (Osteria Mozza was good but not as good as expected)

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                                I used to live around the corner from Joe Peep's out in the Valley. Ahh a slive of heaven. Sometimes a get it to go when visiting moms in LA. The car smells great on the trip down to SD.

                          2. Ordered some pies yesterday for my staff and a few of our singers, as good as ever with the same salty service as always. Did notice they were running low on single slices however but they said they had more in the oven and it was just after the lunch rush.