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Mar 8, 2009 07:55 PM

Asheville wedding sites?

I live in the Triangle area but would like to do a small wedding in Asheville. Basically, I'd like to do a small civil ceremony followed by an awesome dinner and cocktails for about 20-30 people. Does anybody know of a good place to host in Asheville? I'd love to find somewhere that takes advantage of the downtown landscape - cool architecture and a terrace or patio to enjoy it. I've been trolling the web with little luck.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer!

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  1. you know, I wonder if the Secret Garden Spa in Weaverville would let you do something like that ( It is a beautiful house of the original mayor of Weaverville (10 min from Asheville) with a nice flat front yard surrounded by trees to give it privacy and there is a porch off the front of the house...a fountain in the yard and the inside of the house is really unique. I believe the Spa has guest rooms as well as an adjacent guest house and there are two other B&B's in town, within walking distance where other guests could stay. You could then have it catered and there are all sorts of options....Laurey's Catering...

    1. I don't have any really good suggestions, but I do have 2 crazy ideas that probably won't work. One suggestion is to see if the Flying Frog Cafe would allow you have exclusive use of their outdoor patio for your event. Its a nice outdoor space, on an interesting corner in d'town Asheville. Also, there is an old hotel called the Battery Park Hotel, which is now a senior living center owned by the Asheville Housing Authority. It has large outdoor terraces (I think) that they may let you use. It'd be worth a call to find out. The building is a beautiful old structure, right across the street from the Grove Arcade. Here's a picture of it:

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        The Battery Park is owned by National Church Residences, not the Housing Authority. They have a nice (or it was last time I was up there) rooftop garden area and room up there that may be suitable. The view is phenomenal.

      2. There is a nice spot called the Crest center that has awesome views. They also cater, I think.

        1. I got married at this bed & breakfast in Hendersonville:

          The grounds are very nice, with several possible locations for the ceremony (depending on size). The food was great too.

          1. if you go to the tourism site for Asheville, on the right side of the page there is a option for weddings and receptions. The site is