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Mar 8, 2009 07:17 PM

Goat in San Diego

Does anyone know of a reliable source for goat? I bought some at Restaurant Depot that was bone-in cubes but, after making skewers and grilling it, I found it to be quite tough. It was hard to tell where the cut was from since it was cubed but I'm thinking it that it would
better braised - maybe a curry. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The large Vietnamese supermarket on Linda Vista Rd carries goat sides, or, large sections of the ribs.

    1. I'm pretty sure North Park Produce carries goat. They're on El Cajon around 35th or so. They're a halal butcher and are just an overall great resource. Call in advance and be sure they have it if you're not headed over that way. Also one of my favorite restaurants, El Comal in North Park, serves a good goat dish so you might call them and ask them what their source is. They're nice folks, I'm sure they would help you out.

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        There's also a North Park Produce in Poway, but I couldn't tell you if they carried Goat in the Butcher case.

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          And there is a NPP in El Cajon. They had goat a few weeks ago, some was wrapped in plastic/Saran and might have been previously frozen...