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Mar 8, 2009 06:54 PM

Good Pad Thai? (MSP)

We're watching the Pad Thai episode of "Throwdown" and my husband was just wondering who has the best in the area? Is there a general opinion on the issue? I've been to Pad Thai (pretty good); Ruam Mit (ick) and am wondering what else is out there.

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  1. Someone who I think has good judgment was just recommending Mango Thai near Dale and Selby in St. Paul. She was talking about a pad thai that has shrimp in a tempura batter. She said it was not greasy at all and that things seemed very fresh.

    So I thought I would be giving that a try. It's a small place so probably best to go at off-peak times.

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    1. re: karykat

      Similarly, Mango's sister restaurant in Minneapolis, Chai's, has a solid rendition. Though I have not gotten it there (the specials are too good to pass-up as is the Pad Kee Mow and Tom Yum) our dining partners have and have enjoyed it.

      1. re: Foureyes137

        I've given this place a number of tries and the Pad Thai has never impressed. It's very mild and no heat no matter how hot you order it. Also I feel kind of cheated by the amount of proteins in their dishes, a few more pieces of chicken or shrimp don't cost anything. I had a pumpkin and shrimp curry around Halloween that was fantastic though.

    2. Bahn Thai in New Hope (just off of 169). Well balanced (not to sweet), not sticky, generously portioned and cheap. Their other food is great as well.

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      1. re: kevin47

        I don't like it sweet at all, so my favorite is King and I in downtown Mpls.

        1. re: faith

          I'm with you. My one negative mark against Chai's Thai would be their (essentially) caramelized version of pad thai. It's like eating a Snickers bar.

          1. re: kevin47

            Bangkok Thai Deli on University Ave in Saint Paul. Best thai food in the cities in my opinion.

      2. For awesome, fresh and unusual pad thai I'd try Chino Latino in MSP. Their take on the traditional dish is a breath of fresh air. And the Margaritas are terrific.

        1. Big Bowl (at Ridgedale, Rosedale, and the Galleria). YUM! Perfect balance of sweet, spice, and tang. Super fresh flavor. Topped with fresh roasted peanuts. Even Thai restaurants can't compare. *now I'm salivating.....