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Mar 8, 2009 06:50 PM

Peruvian market in Miami?

Does anyone know if there are any Peruvian markets in Miami? I would love to buy purple potatoes and also some peruvian corn (with the huge kernals) and have not been able to find them anywhere in Miami so far.

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  1. There's a lot of places that sell Peruvian goods - but I'm not sure about the purple corn? I haven't been really paying attention very well to what the products are but for sure I've seen the corn in several places.

    But from the top of my head:
    Price Choice by downtown has some Peruvian goods
    Super Wal-Mart up on 163rd St has some Peruvian goods (much to my surprise)

    1. Purple potatoes can be found at Milam's Market or the Fresh Market. Ive yet to see peruvian corn or hominy at a market but if you locate some please let me know.

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        Oh... the places I mentioned has peruvian corn, but they're bagged and dried.

      2. yeah i know where you can find everything from purple corn to papa huayro if they dont have it that means its not in miami and ontop of that the employees are very friendly and help you with anything you need this place is called FOOD SHOP located on 12583 sw 88th street they have everythign! just give them a call if you have any questions 3052758161 they will answer anything they have never been rude to me and i have been buying peruvian products there for years you guys should check it out!