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Mar 8, 2009 06:12 PM

Experiences like Sugiyama

I like Sugiyama and want to try some other places like it. Does anyone know of some other paces like it? I like the fact that is a small place and the experience seems personal. Thanks.


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  1. Rosanjin and Kyo Ya are the two other Kaiseki places that I am familiar with in NYC. I have never been to either, but hopefully someone else can comment.

    Degustation serves french/spanish tapas, but it certainly fits your description of a small place where the experience is personal, especially if you interact w/ the waitress and chefs.

    Edit to include: Graffiti, a really small and personal indian style small plates place in the east village.

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      Degustation looks great. Thanks, Ian, for the rec.


    2. You might want to try Sasabune and TakeSushi.